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16-04-2013, 09:49
I haven't played many games. I mostly collect, paint and admire, but when I get the chance I play when I can. Being somewhat of a scrub in this aspect I just want to create a simple 2000 pt. army list for friendly games. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Also keep in mind this list is heavily based on the models I actually have. The models I have that are not listed are (Gyrocopter, 15xSlayers, 19xHammerers, 3 additional miners (18 tot), and 2 additional warriors (52 tot), various other lords / heroes), if this helps with any suggestions.

Lords / Heroes

(345) Runelord - Anvil of Doom, Rune of Shielding, Rune of Stone
(105) Thane (placed with the 30xwarriors) - Battle Standard, Rune of Sanctuary, Ancestry Rune


(140) 10xThunderers
(140) 10xThunderers
(295) 30xWarriors (Hoard Formation 10x3) - Musician, Veteran, shields
(225) 20xWarriors - Full Command, Great Weapons


(240) 15xIronbreakers - Full Command, Rune of Sanctuary
(215) 15xMiners - Full Command, Steam Drill
(105) Cannon - Rune of Reloading, Rune of Burning
(105) Cannon - Rune of Reloading, Rune of Burning
(85) Grudge Thrower - Rune of Burning

The plan is to dwindle the enemy with my thunderers, cannons and grudge thrower while using the anvil of doom for additional strikes at further ranges. I reinforced my 30xwarriors from magic through the Thane's standard since they seem like they would be a larger target. I did the same with the Ironbreakers in case they drew attention from the warriors. I beefed up the anvil of doom to make that a more formidable target of projectiles and magic. Lastly I gave my miners the steam drill so they could be a little more reliable and appear where I need them more quickly. As they advance and I dwindle their forces down, my Miners play cleanup with any units that stay back as my warriors and ironbreakers cause some hurting.

Let me know what you think. Like I said I'm fairly inexperienced so if I made a mistake in calculations let me know and don't be too harsh!

16-04-2013, 20:03
It's gonna be hard to be harsh about a list that looks this good.
My one advice would be to base your standard tactics around not advancing.
We play in an edition(and some would say a game) where most players bring little to no ranged support.
You should be winning the shooting game nine times out of ten, and as such, it'd be wise to prolong said game for as long as possible.

For more indepth advice, you'll have to wait for someone who actually plays Dwarfs to show up :p Perhaps there is some detail I can't see, but from what I do see, that list looks really solid.

16-04-2013, 21:03
Hammerers are generally considered superior to ironbreakers...although personally I much prefer the ironbreaker models and fluff so it's up to you, there isn't a whole lot in it tbh.

Your warriors equipment should be the other way around, you want your unit of twenty with shields to help them last longer and you want your horde with great weapons to dish out the hurt.

Your BSB should generally be tooled up for defense rather than the buffs on your standard you currently have. For example, costing the same as your current standard runes, a rune of preservation and two runes of stone would help to keep him alive.

Other than that I think it's pretty solid as a friendly list :) have fun with it!

16-04-2013, 21:51
Hammerers are generally considered superior to ironbreakers...although personally I much prefer the ironbreaker models and fluff so it's up to you, there isn't a whole lot in it tbh.

Your warriors equipment should be the other way around, you want your unit of twenty with shields to help them last longer and you want your horde with great weapons to dish out the hurt.

I actually like the Hammerer models better, they look clean, however while I was considering them I noticed that by upgrading Warriors to Longbeards I would be saving points and receiving almost the same stats, on top of this though they seemed much more squishy than my fortified Ironbreakers, but at the same time I feel the list is already quite defensive.

With this said, Longbeards vs. Hammerers? haha.

Also my logic behind the shields on the horde unit is: I have them in horde to grab that third rank of attack, I want them to last as long as possible with that third rank, having the extra attacks as the additional hurt. A horde of great weapons would undoubtedly be terrifying and beyond destructive but I worry they would be heavily targeted and more squishy resulting in losing my back rank before they even enter close combat, negating the entire purpose.

Shields on the 20 seems like a solid change that would also free up some points!

Thanks KingFerret

16-04-2013, 22:18
This is the reason that hordes of dwarf warriors are usually taken with great weapons and about 40 strong give or take, so they can take ten casualties without losing any attacks. I thought about recommending that, but I didn't really know where to get the spare points. Perhaps losing one of the units of thunderers?

I don't know exactly, but if you lost 5 miners and also the great weapons from the 20 man warrior unit, would that be enough points?

This is what I'm always terrible at, trying to shave things off in smaller lists, I jsut want it all! Probably why I play 3000 as a minimum usually :P

On the hammerers v longbeards with great weapons, I think that the hammerers are worth the slightly increased cost for the stubborn special rules, especially on a smaller unit like you are having where it very possible they could be outnumbered.

Oh and one last thing I don't have my book on me but aren't the longbeards slightly more expensive than the hammerers if the longbeards have great weapons?

17-04-2013, 02:52
I definitely would find points to make the horde 40 strong. maybe drop the second unit of warriors and use the points for ten more gw-armed warriors. use any remaining points to add some runes to the stone thrower.

also, you can't have identical runes on the two cannons.

my phone won't let me capitalize letters :mad:

17-04-2013, 03:30
Hmm, I think if I exchanged the Ironbreakers for Hammerers and dropped the second unit of warriors for the 4th rank in the hoard, I should have enough points for a vast improvement in runes. Also might it be worth adding my BSB to the Hammerers rather than the horde of warriors? I could look into filling it out with 19 rather than 15.

17-04-2013, 16:53
Yeah that sounds pretty reasonable, and the BSB should, even if kitted up for defence add a little more punch to the small unit of hammerers. Oh and Moss is right about the cannons runes, they cannot be the same.

Fighting Newfoundlander
17-04-2013, 22:02
I'd just add on the Cannon runes, you should take fortune every time. Fortune on one and fortune and burn on the other. It costs more points, but nothing beats a cannon w/ rune of fortune.

18-04-2013, 06:08
I find that the Rune of Fortune is very situational, not only do you only have a 1/6 chance of getting a misfire but you have a 2/3 chance of not receiving a "may not fire" (rolls of 5-6). If my math is correct, which it probably isn't, (1/6 * 2/3) = 1/9. So I would have a 1/9 chance to roll a misfire AND roll anything other than a "may not fire". Granted, odds are odds and they can always turn unfavorably, but this is a ton of points (25) for something that you would theoretically only need 1/9 shots fired.

On the other hand, the rune of reloading allows the cannon to shoot every turn regardless of the misfire result, which effectively negates the "malfunction" result (rolls of 3-4) which means even if you roll a misfire you MUST roll a 1-2 to be unable to use the cannon.
This means I must roll a 6 then a 1,2 to be unable to use the cannon next turn (1/6 * 1/3) = 1/18 meaning 1/18 shots fired will actually cause any damage to my cannon, ADDITIONALLY it is not a single use (like fortune) AND it allows me to fire as normal even with the loss of crew for less than half the price (10).

In conclusion, I find that Rune of Reloading kind of makes the Rune of Fortune look like a tramp stamp on my cannon unless you role a (1-2) for the misfire which, theoretically, is HIGHLY unlikely to happen while also offering additional benefits that makes up for this loss as mentioned above.

If I'm wrong please correct me, but even without odds rune of reloading just seems like an over all better option.

18-04-2013, 18:35
Rune of burning means everyone like dp's you might be tempted to snipe are going to love you, who leaves home without a 5 point burny gem thing....