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16-04-2013, 11:39
Hey everyone this is my goal it would be great to hear some feedback on it :)


Mounted on a Cold One
armour of destiny
gold sigil sword
Maiming shield
dragonbane gem
In a unit of cold one cavalry with totem of prophecy

Slaan Mage Priest
three disciplines of the ancients
plaque of tepok
dispel scroll
Diadem of power
Itxi grubs
In a unit of temple guard with sun standard of chotec. champ has warrior bane,dragonhelm,enchanted shield and potion of speed


tik taq to
In a unit of terradon riders

skink priest
Level 2 wizards
power scroll
plaque of tepok

Skink priest
level 2
Plaque of tepok
Cloak of feathers
relic sword


30x saurus warriors
Full command equipped with spears

20x saurus warriors
full command default weapon

12x skink skirmishers
blowpipes and hand weapons


giant bow


Salamander hunting pack
2 salamanders 6 handlers

16-04-2013, 22:05
Your list is highly illegal.

The kit on your Slann for example.
plaque of tepok
dispel scroll
Diadem of power

He can only take one arcane item. Your skink priest cannot take a duplicate item that the slann takes etc. Be aware that magic items can only be taken 1 time and then only 1 item "per slot" (magic weapon, armor, talisman, enchanted item, arcane item, only wizards can take arcane items, wizards cannot take magic armor).

Onto the list itself, I would not recommend Tik-Taq-To ever. For his price, you can take 10 terradons, which are better than him in all situations.
Chakax is of dubious use. He is good, but too expensive. How big is your unit of temple guard?

I'm fairly confident I could defeat this list with my 2500 point Lizardmen list, because I have more troops than you! You are spending a very large portion of your points on heroes, to the point that your army suffers. You don't need multiple skink priests when you use a Slann, and they certainly don't need magic weapons.

I would remove your special characters and 1 of your skink priests. This will give you almost 700 points to use to beef up your units and add new elements. I think you need more units of skinks at the very least and a second stegadon would be good as well.

16-04-2013, 22:17
Just to reiterate Kayosiv's points, your list is very illegal, and to add also as guidance that the slann cannot take the dragonhelm as he is a mage and therefore cannot wear magical armour of any kind. And Kayosiv is right about you spending way too many points on characters.

So I guess really all I'm saying is listen to Kayosiv.

16-04-2013, 22:22
Thanks for the feedback... As I have never read the fantasy rulebook fully these were obvious mistakes... Good thing I never played that list and my temple guard has 20 lizards in it

16-04-2013, 23:13
Well in that case my advice would probably be to read the fantasy rulebook :P

18-04-2013, 21:13
Yes does anyone have on a PDF file I can borrow... That would be much appreciated

18-04-2013, 21:17
Yes does anyone have on a PDF file I can borrow... That would be much appreciated

Just a heads up: the majority of pdf's you'll find floating around for GW army books are illegal downloads and warseer frowns on asking for them/links to them.

18-04-2013, 23:22
I'll direct you here.


19-04-2013, 23:11
Thanks kayosiv