View Full Version : DoC 2400 dual DP for some thing a bit different

16-04-2013, 15:55
DP of Nurgle w/Lesser Gift (probably defaulting to either the Flail or ASF sword for re-rolls)
DP of Nurgle Lvl1 (Nurgle Lore)

Blue Scribes

HoT lvl2 w/Greater Locus of Change
14 Pink Horrors w/Musician and Gleaming Banner

HoN BSB Lvl1 (Nurgle Lore)
28 Plague Bearers w/FC and Banner of Swiftness

5 Plague Drones (kept w/o 6" of Epi if there's cannons/catapults lurking about) w/Banner

Soulgrinder w/Flame Cannon, Daemonbone claw, and MoN

The dual DP should be effective against most units and fairly quick even without wings. Charging together one can take a challenge and the other can wreck a unit which is much more dangerous (from a CC perspective) than a single greater daemon. Alternatively they can move 16" to flank while the center block of plaguebearers and drones advance 10".

I miss having a lvl4 for a variety of reasons but 4 wizards (3 lvl1 and one lvl2) plus the Blue Scribes should give a credible magical offensive/defense.

The HoT might do better with the Exulted ability (+1S for spells) but the random S seems like a decent defense since 2/3s the time you'll end up with an equal or higher S. Primary though, I intend for this unit to be magical shooting support with 2-3 decent ranged attacks (herald and unit) even of two of them end up being the Tz signature spell.

I've had very good luck with Grinders especially with the Balefire Torrent (Flame Cannon). It adds flaming S5 attacks and is very durable to add to a charge.

Epi enhances Nurgle greatly, so while he's not a focus for the army if ignored, the +1S and +1T will make the Nurgle units pretty nasty.

I'm trying out the Scribes. They seem like decent war machine hunters (the S4 A3 disc is fairly good by itself) and the ability to roll a random spell seems nice. They are pretty fragile but if I can zip them behind terrain or out of fire arcs perhaps they can survive to be useful. We'll see how they do in practice.