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Arjac Ironfist
18-04-2013, 20:46
Hi guys this will be my first attempt at TK in 8th edition so please give me any tips on this list.

Wrath of Ptra.

Tomb king, blade of antarhak, armour of silvered steel, dragonbane gem = 270.

Liche high priest, hierophant, level 4, golden death mask of kharnut, dispel scroll, opal amulet = 310. (lore of nehekhara)

Necrotect, ironcurse icon = 65.

Core units.
3x40 skeleton archers = 720. (10x4) (hierophant goes here)

x5 skeleton horse archers = 70.

Special units.
x38 tomb guard, halberds, standard bearer, standard of the undying legion = 554. (10x4) (tomb king and necrotect go here)

2x4 necropolis knights = 520.

Rare units.
Hierotitan = 175.

Casket of souls = 135.

x2 screaming skull catapults = 180.

Total = 2999.

Models = 175 + 3 war machines + 1 monster.

So ideally TG centre front with necroknights either side and the three units of archers behind them like a 3 by 2 formation. The hierophant in the rear centre archer unit 1 inch behind th TG for protection and range of the mask. The hierotitan near the hierophant with the casket and artillery scattered as needed. The horse archers can scout to try and deal with crappy chaff or stray crappy warmachines/characters.

Thanks for the input :)

19-04-2013, 19:10
I think you may be slightly overinvesting in archers. Certainly they should be in smaller units, more like 20 and run them 10x2 or 21 and run them 7x3. I would drop a few to perhaps get some more chaff like horse archers or some chaff clearers/flankers like chariots. Other than that I like it a lot, very similar to my list :)

25-04-2013, 18:41
1) Interesting choice in taking the death mask on a hiero behind the unit. Let us know how it goes?

2) If you're going to be doing that already, why not take a level 1 priest with death. That way you can keep him within Inspiring Presence range of the king, which according to the new FAQ makes his spirit leech LD10.

3) Holy crap that's a lot of archers. You'll do great against T3/low armour save armies, but against stuff like knights you'll have issues. If I were you I'd trade at least one of those blocks for a 60-skeleton block with HW/S and a prince. You'd be shocked how long one of those will last against even far superior units, and a bit of smiting/killing blow goes a long way as well.

4) Casket, Hierotitan, and yet only one priest? Is that really worth it? Lore of Nehek is at its best when casting tonnes of little spells that overwhelm the opponent. As it stands you'll end up with a bunch of 12-dice casting phases where you won't have enough spells to really make the most of it.

Not to mention that throwing more than 3 dice at a spell vastly increases the odds of your hierophant cascading into the warp. Why not add a LVL2 light or (as I mentioned above) death?

25-04-2013, 19:02
Yeah, I would get rid of some of the archers and turn that basic Necrotect into Ramhotep the Surly (if SCs are allowed). I agree with Ninja about the Hierotitan. If you're intent on only running one Priest, drop the Hiero and take a Bowlossus instead.