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Arjac Ironfist
18-04-2013, 20:50
I dont play WoC but I have an interesting list for perusal :)

Scourge of Chaos.

Daemon prince, level 4, mark of nurgle, daemonic flight, chaos armour,
flaming breath, chaos familiar, scaled skin, soul feeder,
sword of striking, charmed shield, dragonbane gem = 555. (lore of nurgle)

Exalted hero, BSB, mark of tzeentch, daemonic mount, third eye of tzeentch,
talisman of preservation, enchanted shield = 240.

Core units.
x40 chaos warriors, mark of nurgle, halberds, standard bearer, banner of swiftness = 785. (10x4)

Special units.
2x5 hellstriders, hellscourges = 200.

x17 chaos trolls = 595. (6x3) (BSB goes here)

Rare units.
2x4 skullcrushers, ensorcelled weapons = 624.

Total = 2999.

Models = 85 + 1 monster.