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Arjac Ironfist
18-04-2013, 20:52
I dont play Dwarfs but I have an interesting list for perusal :)

Karaz Grong (Anvil Mountain).

Runelord, anvil of doom, shield, rune of shielding, rune of stone, x2 runes of spellbreaking = 398.

Thane, BSB, rune of fire, master rune of gromril, master rune of challenge = 145.

Master engineer, brace of pistols, rune of stone = 85.

Core units.
x40 dwarf warriors, great weapons = 400. (10x4)

x40 rangers, great weapons = 400. (10x4)

Special units.
x40 hammerers, standard bearer, master rune of grungni = 542. (10x4)

x40 miners, prospector, steam drill = 475. (10x4)

Grudge thrower, rune of accuracy, rune of penetrating, rune of burning = 135.

Grudge thrower, rune of accuracy, rune of penetrating = 130.

Cannon, rune of forging, rune of burning = 130.

Rare units.
Organ gun = 120.

Total = 3000.

Models = 160 + 5 war machines.

immortal git
19-04-2013, 19:14
The list looks sound but stomping 4 hordes round the board isnt going to be fun for anyone...

19-04-2013, 19:42
I can just see a few things I would change,

First I think there is a calculation problem with the unit of rangers, if you are upgrading the warriors to rangers it would be 11 points/model (8 per warrior + 2 for GW + 1 to be rangers) meaning it would cost 440 points.

I would also split the miners into 2 units of 20 or even 4 units of 10. a full single unit of 40 miners is a lot of points for something that may not even surface to the battlefield until turn 4 or even turn 5 if your rolls are terrible. The steam drill helps and makes this unlikely, but just to protect yourself from essentially having 475 points that you might not use until your 4th or 5th turn I would split it up. I know it ruins the horde bonus but the miners are more of a clean up crew with weaker units that the rest of your army can't physically get to themselves.

A horde of hammerers is solid especially with the master rune of grungni

Personally I would switch out a grudge thrower for a cannon or organ gun, organ guns are the most powerful artillery in the game. But this is partially just preference since I just like cannons/ organ guns more than grudge throwers.

I might suggest that you trade in the rangers for Thunderers, Quarrellers if you are intent on the extra range, but I prefer the -1 armor save. You get a little extra mobility from the rangers but that's what the miners are for, I think you would do better dwindling down the forces before they get to you with some pew pew power rather than trying to work with the rangers.

Lastly, I'm just not a huge fan of Master Engineers unless he is being added to a cannon for the D6 wounds, 85 points is just expensive for everything else he offers (master rune of defence = entrenchment - close combat cover 40 points)

Other than that its a pretty solid brute force army that seems VERY durable.

21-04-2013, 14:58
The list looks sound but stomping 4 hordes round the board isnt going to be fun for anyone...
Man, Dwarf players can't win, can they? What would you have him take instead, more guns? That doesn't sound very fun either.

That's a criticism of the Dwarf army book in this edition, not of your comment. What you said is pretty accurate.

That said, I think you'll have trouble with chaff-heavy armies. Maybe follow fyrelocust's advice and swap the rangers for some more shooting? That will help limit the effectiveness of enemy redirectors. Otherwise, I like the overall feel of it. It feels like an actual army.