View Full Version : spears and chariots?

18-04-2013, 23:18
I was wondering if spears grant the +1S bonus to charioteers. It isn't put straight in BRB. It only gives rules for spear (foot) and spear (mounted). But charioteers are mounted right? And isn't a chariot a mount option for heroes and lords? Also why specific AB care to notice that the crew use both spears and bows. It was so back in 7th and 6th...what do you guys think?

Also - sorry if this was raised before - I couldn't find it via search thread...:rolleyes:

18-04-2013, 23:33
A crewman or character on a chariot is mounted. You use the mounted version of spears. Further, since chariots can't make supporting attacks, you'll find the foot version a bit useless.