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19-04-2013, 09:12
I was wondering what everyones thoughts are with the skaven in Storm of Magic?

I have been asked to play a game at 3000pts. I am unsure of how to go...the general consensus is to have lots of mages, which is obvious. But I'm struggling to work out how many units I want to begin with, I know I can summon units but I dont want to rely on this due to the general unreliability of all magic. Are slaves still the way to go? or should I just use minium points to purchase clanrats and then fill the rest with mages, monsters and war machines? I don't want to leave myself short in ground defence but at the same time, don't want to be too short on magic.

My initial idea is to spend my 750 pts on a plain grey sear and vermin lord to hold my first 2 fulcrums, pack out 2 plague preists to take over enemy fulcrums. What is everyones thoughts on putting your general on a fulcrum? Or should I keep him on the ground where he'll be safer and his inspiring presence is of more use? Is a vermin lord still too expesive for this points value?

Can anyone suggest any lists they have used successfully?

19-04-2013, 19:00
Not a skaven player, but some SOM tips.

They get a 3+ ward save ( and i think stubborn?) on fuclrum, so they are generally pretty safe up there so thats no worrie. Having many mages, i say def. Not only will it let you have a bigger chanse to get the big spells off, its easier to win also.

And your mages will die, and get tossed off the fulcrums, its bound to happen. If you have cheap mages, do atleast 3 lvls 1 or something and get them up there.

Otherwise its just like a regular game, so use your regular taqticts, with more focus of having mages.

Also, since its SOM, use your 750 allowance on some fun stuff, get the mammoth, lvl 4 dragon, or the items. Dont know if you can spend that 750 SOM points on the regular army, but i wouldent do it eaither way.

20-04-2013, 17:32
Definitely take the vermin lord. Storm of Magic is his one chance to shine. He will give you an untakeable fulcrum. A vermin lord with 3+ ward is NO JOKE.