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Paddy Mcfee
19-04-2013, 18:59
Well hello there!

Long time lurker here, been meaning to create a log to post pics and background for my various armies: Goff Orks, Ultramarines and Helghast themed Imperial Guard. Only got pictures of some of my Orks so far but will be updating in the future whenever I manage to pop back home from Uni. I've tied together all my armies background together in the same setting, that of the Ork invasion of the Imperial world of Sturgies IV and the subsequent campaign to repel them. First up will be general background to the planet and campaign, followed by unit pics of some of my Orks as well as fluff bits and bobs for each unit. C&C is more than welcome! One to say is that the bases will be redone at some point, as only the base on the Ork Pilot I'm really happy with at the moment and some units might get better pictures when this is done (although it won't be until after graduation!). So, without further ado:

Sturgies IV

Segmentum: Ultima

Sector: Agyrrhius

Sub-Sector: Sturgies

Planetary Bodies: 5

Sturgies I: Small uninhabitable planetoid close to star’s orbit. Population: 0

Sturgies II: Gas Planet. Two Moons with minor mining operations ongoing. Provides some raw materials for processing on Sturgies IV Population: >1 million

Sturgies III: Small jungle world. Extensive agriculture provides most of the foodstuffs for Sturgies IV’s population. Surplus is sent out-system for trade and in the form of
Imperial Tithes. Population 50-100 million

Sturgies IV:

Equatorial deserts. Extensive dry scrubland. Some small-mid-range settlements and mining operations.
Colder polar mountainous regions at top and bottom of world.
Areas surrounding poles most heavily populated. Several major cities. Two major spaceports, one in the north, one in the south. Much mid-equatorial range taken up with large oceans.
In some areas re-breathers required for extended exposure due to atmospheric pollution.
Some less frequented/less accessible mountainous and desert areas contain rebel or mutant elements and strongholds. Not strong enough seriously threaten Imperial control but a source of constant conflict. Local PDF commit to regular patrols and cleansing actions.
Standing PDF elements sub-Guard standard. Roughly 10 regiment strengths. Est. 70-100,000 active personnel. Some reserves but not battle ready. Contains armoured and artillery elements. Small standing air force.
Small training element from 12th Vektan Light Infantry present planetside. Under regiment strength (est. 2-3000 Guardsmen) split between two major polar cities and several other smaller training facilities.
Population: 1.6 billion (approx) plus some indentured off world Ogryn workforce elements. Usually found as part of mining operations.
Sturgies V: Small planetoid. One Adeptus Mechanicus research outpost. Population >1 million.


M41.855. Assault on Black Reach – Warboss Zanzag is defeated in his underground hideout by Ultramarines Captain Sicarius and the Ultramarines 2nd company. Waaagh Zanzag ceases to exist as a unified force.

M41.857. Warboss Razgob emerges at the head of a substantial proportion of Ork forces left on Black Reach concentrated on the still Ork-held Sulphora Hive.

M41. 859. Sulphora Hive becomes the last remaining major Ork Stronghold left on Black Reach. PDF infantry and armour units are massed for a final campaign.

M41. 860. PDF units assault the Hive to find it defended by a mere skeleton force. As the PDF’s main strengths are occupied storming Sulphora, the vast majority of Ork units under Razgob’s command have already left the city via tunnel networks constructed during the years of occupation, found later on to have been based upon old mining and engineering works. Razgob’s forces board several hidden space-faring craft, blast-off and break orbit, savaging several orbital defence posts as they clear the system.

M41. 872. Ork fleet elements attack and overrun the gas mills of Poiteron VII, plunder large quantities of fuel before destabilising several gas mill’s grav-lock engines, plunging millions of Imperial citizens and uncountable economic assets worth of mining equipment into the inner chem storms. After action reports collated from PDF elements indicate 75.3% certainty Razgob’s forces were behind the attack.

M41. 875. Research Station Zeta 447 is attacked and lost with all hands on the third moon of Dulzore III. Imperial Guard elements of the Mordant 7th Heavy Infantry attempt to retake the facility taking heavy casualties. System scanners indicate significant strength of Ork fleet assets loitering in system that flee once the Ork forces planetside have been defeated. Warband “Razgob’s Rampagers” formally identified.

M41. 876-9. Up to a dozen light raids and fleet pirate actions are tentatively attributed to “Razgob’s Rampagers “

M41. 781. Waaagh Razgob appears in the Sturgies system making straight for Sturgies IV, the most heavily industrialised world and also the system capital. Local fleet elements engage but cannot prevent planetfall at several sites, with two main Ork strengths concentrated in the northern mountainous polar region near the planet’s capital, Grayhaven and another out in the equatorial deserts. The Imperial Governor sends out a blanket plea for aide.

Brother-Sergeant Ovatius strode forward, bullets pinging off his power armour, raised his bolt pistol and let off a deafening trio of shots at the green-skinned foe. His brother-marines marched beside him, unfaltering volleys of fire ripping into the mass of Orks ahead as they swarmed and seethed out of the ruined buildings ahead, running full pelt at his bold, blue line. With a roar like thunder Brother-Sergeant Varion dropped from the skies, leading his Assault Squad into their midst of the Ork charge.

“Give praise brothers! Varion smites the foe with the fury of Gulliman himself!”

Yet even as he spoke these words Varion’s attack appeared to be faltering. From out of the mass a huge Ork emerged, twice the height of any of Ovatius’ own holy warriors. Even as Varion turned to face this new threat, the Ork hefted a mighty crackling power claw and leapt at him, tearing into his jump pack and shredding it. Varion ditched his pack and attempted to bring his power sword to bear but a second blow from the Warboss sent him crashing across the road. Ovatious recognised the massive beast immediately.

“It is the Warboss himself! Lucky are we on this day that brings this xenos spawned abomination to battle! Gaius! Inform Brother-Captain Fabian we have engaged the leader of the xenos scum! Now forward brothers! Courage and honour!”


Rare pict-cap of the Ork Warboss known as Razgob. Armed with both a heavily modified, twin-linked, large bore automatic weapon and a power “Klaw” capable of tearing through tank armour, his presence on the battlefield caused much consternation amongst Imperial Guard and PDF forces. This heightened after rumours circulating in the aftermath of the initial siege of Greyheaven where it was said he butchered an entire platoon of PDF troopers single-handedly. This has yet to be independently verified and all mentions of the incident should be reported to the Commissariat until further notice.


Pict-cap of unknown Ork leader recorded during the first day of the sacking of Charbrias. Notice the extensive bionic implants fitted to this individual including what looks like a possible brain transplant. Xenos experts suggest this is may be a high ranking medical specialist.

http://i.imgur.com/KMvCCPr.jpg?1 http://i.imgur.com/hf8cFRJ.jpg?1

Ork pilot captured during the fight to reclaim Greyhaven in M41.783. The Ork depicted was thought to carry high level intelligence. A suggestion apparently confirmed when large numbers of Ork units made concerted efforts to recapture the individual.


This image was retrieved from the helmet cam of Brother Thadius of the Ultramarines 3rd Company. It was taken during one of the many engagements fought in the closing weeks of M.41.783 as Ultramarine forces cleared the northern mountain ranges around Razgob’s initial landing zone.


Pict-cap from Brother-Sergeant Valion of the Ultramarines 5th Company. Recorded during his units actions as part of the initial 5th Company drop assault into the height of the storming of Greyheaven. Brother-Sergeant Valion was grievously injured during this battle but earned the honour of crossing swords with Warboss Razgob himself. Note the large ceremonial banner often carried as a Warboss’s personal totem.


During much of the early action in the deserts of Sturgies IV, the PDF in enough numbers could often hold their own against the rank and file Ork infantry. However they were no match for heavily armed and armoured elite units of “Nobs” who were deployed in large numbers to break PDF strongpoints. This unit was recorded by the servo-skull of an Administratum official as the Orks sacked the small mining settlement of Yupries. Note the distinctive red top-knots, imitating the one sported by Warboss Razgob.


Pict-captures from Sector 34/75 Greyhaven. Identified as “Trukk Boyz” unit belonging to Waaagh! Razgob. This particular unit was engaged by elements from the Helghan 105th 4th Company. Note the combination of close combat weapons and light armaments clearly showing the unit’s preference for hand to hand fighting.


Ork transportation vehicle tentatively as “Gor-Skull-Wazza” according to the runes borne upon its frontage. This translates literally to Gore-Death-Speed, although Speeding Gory Death would be more appropriate according to our Xenos Dialogos advisers.


Dismounted unit of Ork Trukk Boyz. Note the slightly lighter physique compared to the standard line troops employed by Waaagh! Razgob. Possibly indication that this particular unit is relatively inexperienced.

Paddy Mcfee
19-04-2013, 19:14
M41.781. Ork forces begin to cross the mountain ranges separating them from the northern polar capital. First ground contact made as PDF elements supported by Vektan Imperial Guard units report several indecisive engagements. Debriefs report significant quantities of light armour units as well as a much larger infantry strengths than initially expected. Some reports of confused fighting with native mutant/rebel elements who have been noted engaging both Ork and PDF forces.
Ork forces in the desert regions appear disorganised and lacking in unity. Begin attacking nearby mining operations and small settlements. Many smaller settlements are lost. PDF armoured units are hard pressed to protect the most important installations.

M41. Early 782. Ork forces come within reach of Grayhaven. Orbital and atmosphere recon reports indicate Ork industry is in full swing at the Orks initial landing location in the mountains. Space craft are observed to be under construction/repair.
The third largest settlement in the equatorial deserts, Chabrias, is taken in a little over four nights of brutal fighting. The 45th Sturgian PDF Regiment is considered lost in its entirety. Rebel/mutant forces still occasionally reported to be raiding settlements left lightly defended by an already overstretched PDF.

M41. Late 782. After besieging Grayhaven for several weeks, Waaagh Razgob attempts to storm the city. At the height of the battle, elements of the Ultramarines 5th Battle Company under command of Captain Gelanus arrive in-system and immediately begin a drop pod assault. Whilst much of the city is sacked or taken, the presence of the Ultramarines means the space port, eastern highway entrances and much of the industrial sector is held. The elements of the 12th Vektan are highly praised for their role in the battle. The Ultramarines withdraw and begin to launch small rapid strikes aimed at preventing the Orks from fully taking the city though it is clear the small numbers of marines present will be unable to prevent this happening eventually. Evacuation of civilians and material assets from Grayheaven is stepped up.

M41. 783. Imperial Navy elements arrive in-system carrying a multiple regiment Imperial Guard force mainly made up of Helghan Storm Infantry Regiments and accompanied by the Strike Cruiser Acciptiper carrying the full strength Ultramarines 3rd Company under Captain Fabian. With the airspace over the northern city still contested most Guard strength lands at the southern polar capital (and only other space port) Iphicrates.
Captain Gelanus reports to Captain Fabian that it is highly unlikely Grayhaven can hold out much longer and that the removal of much important material and machinery is complete. The Ultramarines withdraw to their strike cruiser. The local PDF commander petitions the planetary governor to allow one last attempt to retake Greyhaven. He is approved and significant PDF resources are mobilised in one last-ditch attempt to drives the Orks out. The PDF are defeated with heavy casualties. Greyhaven is considered lost.

A hot wind wailed across the rocky outcrop. Pebbles and sand skittered along pathways and hollows blown out over millennia.
“Gak! Got something in my eye!”

“What did I tell? Keep your goggles on, keep quiet and keep your head down. Pass me the looking glass”

There was a rustle of cloth as a scabby hand, half swathed in bandages retrieved a primitive sight boosting device from a pocket and held it up. The two muties crawled forward to the tip of the outcrop, the slightly larger of the two raising the looking glass up to his goggles and gazed across the sandy plateau before them. A large plume of yellow dust, polluted with the dark stains of engine fumes was visible in the distance.

“So what they like then, these Orks?”

“Big, green and ugly”

“Sounds like Garth.”

“Shut up, apparently they give the off-worlders a run for their credit”

“So? I heard Harricut’s lot got in a gunfight with a bunch of off-worlders over by Jarichrus mine last week and came out on top. And if that pus-wipe can do ‘em in how hard can these Orks be? You listening?”

“Shut up. Take this. They’ve stopped. Have a look yourself”

The smaller mutie took the proffered glass and trained it at the base of the dust cloud and let out a muffled shriek.

“By the skies they’re massive! Massive! Top of me head would barely tickle their gonads, if they’ve even got any. An army of those? How in the name of all that’s holy can anyone take on that?”

“We have to get back and report this.”

“Damn straight, bugger staying round here anymore”

With haste the two muties scrabbled away from the ledge, shuffled awkwardly down a steep escarpment and vanished back into the tunnels they called home.


This pict-capture was recorded during the assault on Chabrias during the second day of fighting. The mob apparently came into contact with Ultramarine 5th company units and was destroyed.


This Ork transport bears a rune that bears resemblance to the standard Waagh symbol featured across Ork heraldry and is a common sight sported by many Ork units.


Note the smaller stature of this unit of Orks, again possibly indicating an inexperienced unit. Although the unit does possess both a large-bore shoulder mounted weapon as well as two possible Ork specialists amongst its ranks.


Ork unit spotted during a raid on an Imperial aid station in sector 75426/46893


The runes on this Trukk translate to Grim. Implying the unit has established fighting prowess


This later pict-capture of the unit sans-transport would appear to back up their transports claim as the unit has acquired both a heavy missile device and is lead by a large member of the Nob class of warriors.


The squadron of vehicles above is pictured as it engaged members of the Helghan 105th’s elite grenadier squads as they attempted to rescue a local PDF captain who held databanks which carried vital intelligence. They appear to be based on several different local rough terrain vehicles, though heavily modified with armour plating and abundant weaponry.



This first vehicle is marked with standard glyphs designed to indicate speed as well as a tooth like design on the front armour. It has been remarked that this sort of marking is common amongst Ork drivers as they often see their vehicles more as steeds or beasts of war rather than simple machines.

Paddy Mcfee
21-04-2013, 09:17


The second vehicle of the squadron seems to be based upon a civilian agricultural vehicle. The driver has equipped himself with a blunderbuss, presumably in the situation his vehicle is disabled, or more likely breaks down.



The final vehicle in the squadron mounts the turret of a local urban pacification vehicle used by law enforcement agents, although the standard issue water cannons have been replaced with something rather more deadly.


This pict-cap was taken at long range by a Vektan reconnaissance team in the scrublands surrounding Chabrias. It is piloted by members of the Gretchin slave class and appears to be wind powered. Xenos experts agreed this was likely a scouting unit.




Razgob made use of Deffkopta units across the surface of Sturgies IV both as forward scouting and recon units as well as to conduct patrols over occupied territory. This included the mountain passes around his landing zone and main manufacturing base. This unit was identified in the valley surrounding Ork outpost designated 78d and harassed the forces deployed there until being engaged and destroyed by Ultramarines Land Speeder units.



This heavy Ork walker took part in the successful storming of Greyhaven in late M41.782. 3th Platoon, 5th Company of the 21st Helghan Regiment sustained heavy casualties from this vehicle before it was destroyed as Ultramarine 5th Company elements arrived at the scene via drop pod.

Paddy Mcfee
21-04-2013, 09:18








Ork light armour vehicles mounting tracked terrain modifications were a common sight on Sturgies IV and were extensively deployed by Waaagh Razgob in the difficult terrain of the deserts and northern polar mountains. This unit took part in the sacking of Chabrias and were notable for breaking the defences on the outer perimeter of sector 457/328. The flame weapons mounted on them were very effective at clearing the hastily erected barricades occupied by the PDF units. Although according to after action reports one member of this squadrons weapon malfunction, resulting in the deaths of numerous xenos infantry.

That's all for now folks, hope you like and C&C welcomed :)

21-04-2013, 10:24
Impressive mix of Orks, and they're looking very decent, though maybe a little more colour would suit the infantry, as they're a little sameish with all the black. Of course, being Goffs...

Paddy Mcfee
21-04-2013, 12:18
Ta! Aye I'd noticed that too now that the pics are up. Looking at my mass of Slugga Boyz still to post it's very noticeable there too. I'm hoping to jazz up the bases a bit at some point which might inject some more colour, but other than that maybe some more red detailing? It would keep them "Goffy" whilst making them a little less monochromatic. Pics have also revealed some mouldlines as well as several gun barrels that need drilling that had previously slipped my notice.

23-04-2013, 19:34
Goffy, lol, looks nice anyway..

24-04-2013, 19:54
I think if you take your cue from the Deffkoptas and the Dred, that'd be the right amount of red detailing, and also maybe vary the leathers with another shade of brown? Also, just a few boys with different coloured pants/vests might make up for it too, just keep 'em drab.