View Full Version : Seeking advice with Dark Elf Units set-up. I'm done clipping, it's now time to build!

21-04-2013, 04:39

I am starting up my Dark Elf army and I've just finished clipping a ton stuff!! I'm looking for advice on how to set up my units. Particularly my 40x Corsairs, 40x Warriors and 30x Witch Elves (Plastic Daemonettes)

The rest of my army/collection:
2x 5 Harpies
4x 5 rxb Dark Riders w/ Musc
10x Shades
10x Cold One Knights, Full Command
4x Bolt Throwers
Variety of Sorceresses & Dreadlords; on foot or mounted on Dark Peg, Cold One, Black Dragon

Building my 40x Corsairs:
I'm thinking...
20x Two Hand Weapons, Full Command (Sea Serpent Standard option)
10x with Handbows, Musc, Reaver w/ pair handbows
10x with Handbiows, Musc, Reaver w/ pair handbows

Building my 40x DE Warriors
Im thinking of rxb Warriors with Shields, for that 5+ save and 6+ parry in combat. Making them long ranged shooters that could swing into combat in the later rounds.

2x 20 Full Command
Or is this a waste of points?? Am I being stubborn in not wanting spearelves?? :P :(

Building my 30x WitchElves (Plastic Dameonettes)
I thought I'd start out with them as a horde unit 10 wide, 3 deep, Full Command

Any constructive feedback or critique is appreciated!!


21-04-2013, 06:02
Sorry I dont know how/why my Thread says it is BoC (Beasts of Chaos) I tried editing my post but dont see the option :P

21-04-2013, 08:28
Warriors with shields are kind of a waste. They use spears so they do not parry. Putting shields on your Xbowmen can be worth it sometimes...

My most common core set up is 10 xbowmen, 10 xbowmen, 5 dark riders, 5 dark riders, 24ish warriors no shields.

Cant go wrong with witches they are probably the best unit in the dark elf book. I use them in bus with flaming banner running 20-30 (stubborn from cauldron). In horde i run the armor piercing. Just be careful vs people good in movement can really take advantage of the frenzy. With the riders and xbowmen you can usually take out the chafe. Good luck.

21-04-2013, 17:40
Thanks for feedback! Yeah Im going to take the Armour Piercing banner with my Witches Horde too. Poison & Armour Piercing, 50 attacks, oh yeah!