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21-04-2013, 04:51
Here is the first one Vs Vampire Counts 2500pts

Here is out lists


Arch Lector - War alter of Sigmar Great weapon shield heavy armor, Dragon helm, Talisman of endurance
Wizard lord - level 4 of Light - Earthing Rod, Iron curse Icon
Captain of the Empire - BsB, Sword of might, Enchanted shield, Dawn stone Full plate.
Battle wizard - Level 1 of Light - Dispel scroll.

State Troops - Spearmen x 39 Full comman
State troops - Handgunner's x 10 marksman Hochland long rifle
State troops - Handgunner's x 10 marksman Hochland long rifle
Knights - x 5
Inner circle knights x 10 Full command

Demigryph Knights x6 Full command
Great Cannon

Steam Tanks
Luminark of Hysh

Vampire Counts

Vampire Lord - level 4 - armor of destiny, ogre blade shield Red fury quick blood
Mannfred the Acolyte
Konrad Von Carstein
Necromancer - Dispel scroll

Zombies x 60
Skeleton Warriors x 40 Full command
Skeleton warriors x40 Full command
Dire wolves x 5

Corpse Cart bale fire
Corpse Cart Unholy lode stone
Hex wraiths x5



And here is 2500 pts vs Dwarfs

I did not get his list written out but Mine remained the same.

Here is the list

Part One


Part two


21-04-2013, 17:39
First battle was interesting but I can't watch the second, says it's set up as private?

Thanks for sharing!

21-04-2013, 18:16
ok I think its fixed now.