View Full Version : Themed Nuln 2400pts Army

21-04-2013, 16:30
I've decided to enter the fray of the Empire General with a themed army of Nuln.

I wont lie, this has been prompted by my recent purchase of Tamurkhan from forge world and my love of the Theodore Bruckner model. As I read up on Nuln and the background I fell in love with the mix of technology and arcane knowledge. Therefore I decided I'd start up a themed list with Theodore Bruckner as the centre piece.


Theodore Bruckner - 335

Battle Wizard Lord lv 4 - 200


Jubal Falk - 95

Warrior Priest - 69
(Heavy armour and shield)

Captain BSB - 135
(Armour Of Destiny)


29 Halberdiers - 204
(Command, Warrior priest sits here)

29 Swordsmen - 243
(command, BSB Sits here)

30 Halberdiers - 210

11 Ironside Hand-gunners - 171
(command with HLR)

11 Hangunners - 149
(command, HLR, Wizard Bunker)

6 Knights - 142
(Musician, flank guard)


3 Demigryph Knights - 204
(command, pretty obvious who sits with these guys, other flank guard/ hammer)

Great Cannon - 120

Great Cannon - 120

Total: 2397[/B]Tactically I haven't really aimed for anything with the list. I hope it will be quite balanced and all comers, but I havn't had a great deal of experience with Empire and therefore would appreciate input from the more seasoned players out there. I am also aware that swordsmen are a lot more valuable than halberds, however as this is a themed list and the city state of Nuln uses a lot of pikes, half pikes and halberds I opted for two units of halberds.

I would also like some more artillery, but would mean a bit of a rejig, perhaps swap out the knights and play refused flank?

Any who, all input is appreciated.