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21-04-2013, 21:00
Here is my 2400 themed list. It is model themed after van hals corpse army from the great plague during the skaven wars. Tell me what you think.

Vampire lord:red fury, quick blood, sword of strife, armor of destiny, dragon bane gem, shield, abysal terror, level 2 lore of vampires

Manfredd the acolyte

Necromancer: level 1 with dispell scroll lore of vampires


10 dire wolves:doom wolf

10 dire wolves:doom wolf

45 zombies: standard

45 zombies: standard

45 zombies: standard


6 crypt horrors

6 crypt horrors


Mortis engine:blasphemous tome


Blasphemous tomb helps make up for a lack of a level 4 caster with manfred. Level 2 and lore master is pretty sweet.

21-04-2013, 21:41
I can see this list struggle quite abit.

Apart from your Lord and the Terrorgheist, there's not really anything with any real punch in this list.

Zombies are a roadbump, they hold stuff in place for the counter-charge.
Crypt Horrors are also a roadbump, albeit one that doesn't crumble so much. They too hold stuff in place for a counter-charge.
Lore of Vampires don't really contain any killer-spells, unless your opponent for some reason don't bother dispelling Curse of Years.

You will raise -alot- of zombies, and you (well, Mannfred) will look cool while doing it ;) - but you better keep your Lord alive, since he's the only thing that can actually kill stuff worth killing in close combat.

21-04-2013, 21:52
your general needs to take lore of vampires.

21-04-2013, 21:55
The list is also illegal as your vampire lord must be your general (highest leadership) and the general must have lore of vampires.

You usually want dire wolves in packs of 5 not 10, just as little cheap redirectors/roadbumps.

As Minsc said your army suffers from lack of killing power. If you fill your core with zombeis then you are going to need plent yof punch elsewhere because those zombeis likely won't kill a model all game.

Oh and Mannfred is kinda crap. 2 wounds toughness 4 to protect him, you won't want him in combat with anything. Wish he was a bit better protected as that sword could be soooo useful...

22-04-2013, 04:43
What if I swap the blender lord and hero section for kemmler, a wight king with sword of striking enchanted shield on barred nightmare and a level 2 death necromancer with book of ....casting van hals. Also swap the zombies for skeletons and add a 9 black knights with banner of barrows, lances, and barded nightmares.