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26-05-2006, 16:22
The main problem I am having is fighting those tough Dwarves with their inane abilities to shatter my little fur bags. The first problem was my foolishness from when I started the hobby and bought things on what looked like it would work. Thats why I switched to 40k and have been going at that more than fantasy and would love to come back. I fight against my friends Dwarves ona regular basis than against others. I am thinking about completely reconstructing my army, with help of course. Here is what I have as of now.

40 Clan Rats
40 Night Runners
9 Storm Vermin
6 Gutter Runners
1 Warp Lightning Cannon
1 Warlord
1 Grey seer (2 if you count the Thanqoul Model)
1 Plauge Priest
2 Assassins (3 if you count the Death Master model)

Its a sad list, no slaves for one. I may have a few more but this is what I believe I have. I plan on gathering a unit of Monks and Censor Bearers due to their killyness. I would like some expertice on reconstructing my army and how to deal the Dwarves. If this is against the rules of posting this here, please forgive me.

26-05-2006, 18:00
One of my friends has started running skaven, and has so far won about 90% of his games, even against Dwarves or Slaver armies. He usually takes about 4 units of 25 clanrats, and 4 units of 25 slaves, a couple warpfire throwers, a couple ratlings guns, and a warlord and 2 engineers. He also brings a unit of plague monks and a unit of censor bearers, and as many swarms as he can. There's also a magic standard that is -2 to missile fire, it's a must have! I think the real trick to winning with his army is keeping everyone close to the warlord so everyone can use his leadership, even the slaves end up with Ld 10 with full ranks. The only armies to beat him so far were Empire gun-lines and Chaos Mortals who brought along a hellcannon.

28-05-2006, 02:21
Gutter runners can mangle dwarf crews, also ratling guns and warpfire throwers are pretty effective at weakening the dwarf line. If you want to be evil, you could take a DOW unit of rhinox riders and jsut smash down the line.

28-05-2006, 04:01
Personally I second the gutter runner approach, probably a unit of tunnellers and a unit of regular ones..... they work wonders with poisoned weapons. (I'm thinking 7 tunnellers and 10 regular ones, this way once they're done pestering war machines they can give you rear attack CR later (I know they don't cancel ranks, but +2 to CR is almost as good)).

Also, try the hoard approach (x4 25 rat clanrat units, x4 25 rat slave units) because this not only gives them lots of targets, it also means more flank charges if they have a sturdy set-up in front of their guns.

I'd probaby steer away from jezzails (unless he likes gyrocopters) and take a Warp-lighting cannon or two to have some fun with those mean ranked units.

I'd probably also steer away from warpfire throwers just because dwarves have a generally good Ld, if he has bad dice then go for it, but I think spending those 75 points on something you could use like assassins (which I feel could also be key to victory) or Warlock engineers for magical harassment would be better.

Like I said above, I think against dwarves is where an assassin shine.... I'd take two! (and probably a greyseer and warlock engineer) this way you take one as a scout (which has some potential since he is just one model) and harm him with the bands of power and probably warpsttone amulet... so he's more resistant to fire and can dish out some mean damage...... Then I'd give weeping blades to the other one and use the assassin skill..... then when the unit gets in a fight reveal him and challenge.... overkill never sounded so good :D

But that's but one rat's lowly opinion, I've come to find I play the army a lot different than most people, so maybe my advice is worthless. But it works for me.

28-05-2006, 04:19
I enjoy using my assassins, maybe even field three if I am playing for fun against him. I have two grey seers, which when I use one does some great damage spell wise. Problem with my Clan rats is that they never seem to ever hit/harm the dwarves which gets frustrating. But death frenzy does wonders increasing chances of hit/kill ratio. The information helps alot, thanks. I am going to most likely pick up either more runners or a weapons team. Need more vermin brown...

28-05-2006, 04:27
Well, the way I use clanrats they aren't supposed to cause damage, you team attack enough (even without full commands like my units) and get a flank and it's like their the standard isn't even there anyways.... then they have to do pretty good in CR just to beat your static res. (figuring it up, you start off about 4 ahead anyways) so with some kills you can probably take any kills he can dish out and still win..... then even if he doesn't break I believe skaven have the higher Initiative anyways, just hold them, because they can't fire into combat like we can :D (sure you could lose some slaves or clanrats, but look at it like this, if you kill one of their guys for every slave and clanrat you kill then you're still losing less in points than him..... skaven is one army where I've found you have to look at almost everything for it's points value, so you don't freak out when plague comes back around and kills half of your own unit.)

28-05-2006, 14:00
Warpfire throwers are pretty good offensively,If its a decent shot The panic is just a added bonus. str5 -2 save Flame template can really do a # to dwarves, on average id say like 10+ will get under that template.

28-05-2006, 14:13
Warpfire throwers have never been that effective in my games.... usually they get at most 5 hits. That random range really kills it. Plus, They really have a hard time being reliable, whereas with ratling guns, you can even be careful to the degree where a majority of your misfires shouldn't be lethal (to the team at least).

I'd say that if I had the choice to park 4 ratlings withing 15" or 4 warpfires I'd definitely go ratlings (in my games however I like to have a nice mix). When you can hit about 7 guys on average with -2 to the save that's probably 3-4 dead dwarves, not to mention warp-lightning cannon shots.

I love the idea of the warpfire thrower, but sometimes the rules for it make it hard to use in games..... sure I can park X inches away from the unit, but 16% of the time I'm gonna have an abnormally long shot, 16% of the time I'm gonna shoot real short, and 16% of the time something is going to go wrong.... that means that about half the time I'm probably not going to be happy with the result.

just my thoughts.

28-05-2006, 14:34
Meh its more of a fun thing to use, Although when it lands that picutre perfect shot, its Deadly. will wound most things and 2/3+ and causes panic. i got a lucky shot on some elves and managed to kill dam near half the unit.