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22-04-2013, 19:59
With the new book on the horizon this will probably be the last game the High Elves take part in before the army goes in for a massive overhaul...

High Elves -

Prince + Moon Dragon + Guardian Phoenix, great weapon and dragon armour

BSB + Radient Gem of Hoeth, great weapon and dragon armour
Mage + Seerstaff of Saphery and extra level

20 Seaguard + FC, shields and Banner of Eternal Flame
10 Archers + musician
10 Archers + musician

20 Swordmasters + FC (champion has Potion of Strength)
Lion Chariot


Orc and Goblins -

Warboss on Boar

BSB on Boar
Orc Shaman
Goblin Shaman

40 Orcs + FC and extra hand weapons
40 Goblins + FC, netters and 3 fanatics
20 Goblins + bows and 3 fanatics

10 Big 'un Boarboys + FC
Spear Chukka
Spear Chukka

Rock Lobba

Pre game -

Blood and Glory was rolled up as the senario. The High Elves turned out to have 5 fortitude while the Orc and Goblins had 6.

Spells were then rolled for. The High Elf Mage had the Seerstaff and decided to take Wildform and Amber Spear. The BSB Noble ended up with Shield of Saphery. The Orc Shamn got 'Ere we go and Foot of Gork. The Goblin Shaman rolled up Curse of the Bad Moon.

The board was set up. The High Elves won the roll to choose sides. They also won the dice off for deployment and forced the Orcs to go first.

Deployment -

.................................................. .................................................. ............................
..Chukka....Chukka....Goblins..Boarboys..Wood..Gia nt....Orcs....Goblins.....Lobba..........

...House.......................................... .........................................Hill..... ......................

..........................................Wood.... .................................................. .....................

........Wood.................Swordmasters..Seaguar d..Eagle..Archers.Hill.Archers...........
.....................................Eagle........ ......................Chariot.............Dragon.. ......Eagle..........
.................................................. .................................................. .............................

22-04-2013, 22:07
Deployment -

Orc deployment from left to right. Two Chukkas went down to cover the middle of the board. The Goblin block with nets went down next to them deployed deep rather than wide with the Goblin Shaman joining them. The Warboss and BSB deployed with the Boarboys. The Giant went down next to the wood. The Orc horde went down 10 wide. The Gobin bowmen deployed on the right and finaly the Rock Lobba made up the extreme right flank (from the High Elf POV).

The High Elf deployment from left to right. The Swordmasters went down behind the wood and were joined by the BSB. An Eagle went down behind them. The Seaguard deployed next to them along with the Mage. Another Eagle went down beside them with the Lion Chariot behind it. The two Archer units set up on the hill with the last Eagle and the Dragon behind them.

The Orcs finnished deploying first so got the +1. The O&G got a 2 to go fist while the High Elves got 1 so Orcs get to go first.

Pre game thoughts -

I was happy with how things had gone so far. Being able to pick my spells for my Mage was a real bonus. I felt that I'd need the Amber Spear to deal with his Giant and Wildform to give my troops some extra staying power against his Orc horde. The basic plan was to deal with with Giant via shooting and magic. Get the Dragon onto the flank of his battleline and roll up the units I'd need for a win. For me the win would basicaly come down to killing the Boarboys as they had 4 fortitude by themselves. Not going first wasn't going to help the situation but I'd have to take that on the chin.

O&G Turn One -

No animosity rolls are failed this turn so most of the army marches forward with only the warmachines remain stationary. The big bus of Nigh Goblins who were isolated out on the left side of the battle field angle inwards but the rest of the army moves up as fast as it can do.

The magic phase sees a 2 and a 1 rolled. None of the magic users manage to channel. The Goblin Shaman attempts Curse of the Bad Moon but rolls poorly and fails to meet the casting value.

In the shooting phase the Spear Chukkas target one of the Eagles but both miss and one manges to roll a 1 to hit meaning it can't shoot this turn or next turn (plus an unfortunate Goblin is killed in the process). The Rock Lobba manages to land a direct hit on the Seaguard killing 4 models.

There's no combat so on to High Elves turn one.

High Elves Turn One -

There are no charges to declare. I start off the turn with some low cunning. I fly an Eagle out to just in front of the Orc horde and make sure that it lands with 8 inches of the Night Goblin Archers. This triggers the release of the fanatics which would have to go through his Orc horde to hit my Eagle. The O&G player elects to fling the fanatics out into the rocky outcrop on the hill which kills them rather than push them through his own units and mess up his movement next turn. Having got rid of the fanatics the Dragon swoops up the table. It's at this point we make a mistake and the Orc player makes a terror check for his Goblins despite the fact I haven't charged them. The Goblins fail and run for the hills. On balance the Goblins were probably going to run anyway as I was going to use the Dragon's breath attack on them and they would have most likely had to take a panic check from that. The other Eagles move up, one to block the Boarboys and one to threaten the Rock Lobba. The Lion Chariot moves up slightly and wheels to face the Boarboys.

Magic sees the High Elves roll a 2 and a 3. The Mage manages to channel giving them six dice to the O&G three. The BSB casts Shield of Saphery onto the Seaguard which the O&G player elects to let go through. I then throw four dice into a boosted Amber Spear on the Giant but the Goblin Shaman produces a Dispel scroll and the spell fizzles.

Shooting sees about 30 arrows fired at the Giant form the Seaguard and Archers but, despite an impressive amount of hits, only one wound is caused. The Dragon would have breatehed fire on the Goblins at this point but they'd already run away.

There was no combat so onto O&G turn two.

O&G Turn Two -

Nothing fails its animosity roll. The Giant charges the Seaguard who stand and shoot. No wounds are caused but the O&G player rolls really poorly and the Giant can only stumble forwards a couple of inches. The Boarboys charge the Eagle who flees, gets away and bounces through the Seaguard who pass their panic check. The Boarboys also roll badly and trot forward a few inches. Finaly the Orcs charge the Eagle in front of them which flees miles and bounces through the Seaguard. Again all the Orc unit can do is inch up a bit. The Goblin Archers fail to rally and flee from the battlefield. The Goblin block continues to march up to get into charge range of the Swordmasters.

Magic is pitiful again with a 3 and a 2 being thrown. The Orc Shaman attempts Foot of Gork on five dice but throws a handful of 1's and 2's and the Mage is easily able to dispel it.

Shooting sees a rock dropped on the Dragon from the Lobba but amazingly it fails to wound either the Dragon or the Prince. The Spear Chukka that can shoot this turn misses the Dragon.

No combat so onto High Elf turn two.

High Elf Turn Two -

The Eagle charges the Rock Lobba (it can't fail to get in). The Lion Chariot charges the Boarboys (who hold) and makes it in. Both Eagles manage to rally but are out of the game until the next turn. The Swordmasters wheel slightly to face the oncomming Goblins while the Seaguard inch back to make it harder for the Giant/Orc horde to charge them. The Dragon moves onto the flank of the Orc horde, ready to charge next turn.

Magic sees another 3 and 2 rolled. The Orc Shaman dispels Shield of Saphery and I fail to cast Amber Spear.

Shooting sees another 30 arrows fired into the Giant but this time no wounds are caused.

Combat sees the Rock Lobba crew wiped out by the Eagle who overruns off the board. The Lion Chariot slams into the Boarboys. The impact hits kill a single Big Un. The O&G player then makes way with his Warboss and BSB. I leap at the oppertunity and throw all my attacks at the BSB, killing him and reducing the O&G fortuitude by one (and denying them the precious leadership rerolls). In return the Warboss beats up the Chariot with the Orc Boars managing to kick the last wound off it.

O&G Turn Three -

No animosity. Boarboys charge the Seaguard who stand and shoot but don't cause any wounds and the Boarboys easily make it in (rolling a triple 6 on their distance dice!). Goblins charge the Swordmasters who hold. Three fanatics are pushed out of the Goblin unit all of who go forward far enough to hit the Swordmasters. Seven are killed and then the Goblin unit completes it charge. The Giant and the Orc horde move up.

Magic sees the first good roll (double five). The Orc Shaman gets off Ere we go and IF's Warpath of Gork. Interestingly he fails to stomp the Dragon but goes for the Archers instead. Nine Archers are killed but then the spell ends. The miscast sees both the Orc and the Goblin Shaman take a wound.

In the shooting phase both Chukkas miss the Eagles.

In the combat phase the Swordmasters kill a ton of Goblins with the BSB Noble hacking down the wounded Goblin Shaman. The goblins are still in range to use the Warboss's leadership and are stubborn so easily hold. In other combat the Seaguard kill a Boarboy but are butchered in return. I fail to hold on a double 1 and flee. The Orcs choose to pursue and I lose a point of fortiutude but amazingly I manage to get away.

High Elves Turn Three -

I see a great oppertunity here. The pursuing Warboss has taken himself out of 12 inches of both the Goblin unit and the Orc horde. I throw the Dragon into the Orc horde who really have to hold at this point. The few remaining Seaguard fail to rally and quit the field. My Eagles shift out of the way of the rampaging Boarboys and move to support the Swordmasters.

Magic sees me get Shield of Saphery off on the Swordmasters with IF which also puts a wound onto the BSB.

Shooting sees the remaining Archers still fail to cause a second wound to the Giant.

The Swordmasters tear up the Goblins again while only losing a single model in return. The Goblins lose combat and, as they are now outof the general's bubble, flee. The Swordmasters run them down and take another fortitude point from the Orcs. Finaly the Prince and Dragon beat up the Orc horde. The Orc player fluffs his attack rolls, loses combat, flees and the unit is run down.

O&G Turn Four -

The Boarboys fail their animosity check! The Giant charges the Dragon to buy the Warboss some time to sort his unit out.

In combat the Prince and Dragon tear the Giant to pieces and are sat ready to charge the Boarboys in the rear.

High Elf Turn Four -

The Dragon charges the Boarboys who have to hold otherwise they're off the table.

The BSB attempts to cast Shield of Saphery, IF's and kills himself with the miscast *sigh*

Combat sees the Boarboys almost wiped out. The Warboss slays the High Elf Prince but the Boarboys lose by so much that they end up fleeing off the table. Both armies are below 2 fortitude so the game ends.

23-04-2013, 21:47
Summery -

Well it was an interesting game. Both of us made several mistakes which I'll look back at later on. I'll start off by running though my list.

Prince + Moon Dragon - I've got mixed feelings about the Dragon. It was really nice to move away from the Archmage + Mage + Radient Gem of Hoeth BSB + Banner of Sorcery combo that I've been running for the past couple of years. I think I did make a major mistake swaping his planned Armour of Caldor for the Guardian Phoenix. The ward save is nice but it ended up being more expencive and, at the end of the day, didn't keep my Prince alive any longer. I liked the mobile package that the Dragon can bring to the table but you have to be so careful with it. If my opponant hadn't rolled a 1 to wound with the Rock Lobba on turn two I could have been in real trouble. Using the Eagle to deal with the Lobba was a central part of my plan to limit the danger to my Prince. The Dragon really shone in the last couple of turns of the game where it killed or drove off over 1000 points worth of the Orc army. In total it got rid of the Boarboys (with Warboss), the Giant, the Orc horde and the Night Goblin Archers which wasn't a bad return for a unit which made up nearly 25% of my army.

Mage - Pretty much an auto choice in my army at the moment. The Seerstaff of Saphery allows me to pick the spells I really need from Beasts which are nearly always Wildform and Amber Spear. Having said that the Mage was very disappointing in this game. I didn't really roll high enough on the magic dice to have a go at getting off both of his spells. I really wanted to get off a boosted Amber Spear on the Giant as I wanted to reduce the amount of incomming enemy units. This was frustrated by a well placed Dispel Scroll then by poor rolling. I made my usual mistake of not pulling my Mage out of the Seaguard when it becomes obvious they are going to get charged and this led to him running off the battlefield all too early.

BSB - Another choice I find to be really useful. He managed to get off Shield of Saphery a couple of times, his leadership rerolls were useful in preventing the Eagles from falling back off the table and he lent his weight to the combat against the Night Goblin horde. I was disappointed that he managed to miscast himself to death (a common occurence in my High Elf army) but it was also a bit silly of me to cast another spell when he was down to 1 wound. In hindsight it might be better to make to take the Lore of Life for the Lifebloom attribute which should increase his survivability.

Seaguard - A bit disappointed by these guys. They did get hit early on by the Rock Lobba and my dice just refused to give me any 6's when I was putting their shooting attacks into the Giant. They then took the Warboss and his unit of Big 'Un Boarboys to the face so I really wasn't suprised to see them fleeing from the table. At the end of the day I don't think I could have done much more with them. They were there to form the center of my battleline and are there to be targeted by my oppoanants block units. In this case when they did get charged I hadn't done enough to weaken the charging unit and I'd failed to get my combat buffs onto the unit so there could only really be one outcome.

Archers - Another disappointment but again I think it was just down to poor luck on my part. Over the first three turns I managed to get over 50 hits with my Seaguard and Archer units on the Giant, from these 50+ hits I only got one wound through. Given that one in every six hits should wound you should be expecting to get about eight. The fact that I managed just one wound shows how far behind the curve I was. That said my Dragon managed to survive a rock dropped on its head so I should complain abaout luck too much. Other than that the units provided a fantastic early deployment drop and both units survived until the end of the game.

Swordmasters - Where frustrated by the Night Goblin horde and were lucky to escape quite lightly from the three fanatics which got pushed through their unit. I didn't use them very well and my oponant was smart enough to avoid them when I opened them up to a charge from the Boarboys. They could have done better and I was fortunate that my opponant went deep rather than wide or he would have been throwing a lot more attacks at me. I can understand they were there to bog me Swordmasters down but once the Orc BSB was dead and my opponant pursued my Seaguard (he should have held to keep the Warboss in range of the Goblin unit) things really didn't look good for the unit (they would have held if the Warboss was still in range).

Lion Chariot - Did his job but I was annoyed that he died so quickly. After surviving a very killy Warboss and all of the Big 'Un attacks with a single wound remaining I was confident that I would be able to hold for another turn but it then got kicked to death by a pig. Taking out the BSB seemed a worthwhile trade at the time but it might have been a bit of a waste in hindsight. I really feel that Lion Chariots operate best in pairs and this guy was a last addition to the army as I had 140 points spare once I'd bought up everything else.

Eagles - Really didn't let me down at all. Slowed my oppoanant down, beat up his artillery, pull his fanatics out and generaly made life hard for my opponant. I did make an error by not using one to pull out the other Night Goblin fanatics but they can't be everywhere at once and after they'd done their first round of fleeing they needed a turn to get back into position which my opponant wisely decided not to give them by getting off al of his charges in turn three. Still they had a good game and all three of them survived into the last turn (where they were poised to murder his two remaining Spear Chukkas).

Tactics wise I don't think I could have played much better. Both of us were cursed with very poor dice at times which proved frustrating when on the other hand we'd have to bursts of amazing fortune. The Rock Lobba, for instance, hit everything it fired at but rolled very poorly to wound. During the game I felt my opponant made more mistakes than I did. If the roles had been reversed I would have been aiming the Rock Lobba at the Dragon from turn one (Foot of Gork would have gone onto the Dragon as well). I would have been more careful to keep the Goblins in range of the Warbosses leadership as well. The one point of the game I was really worried about was where I had to use the Prince to deal with the Orc horde. I knew that if I got bogged down in combat then the Boarboys would swing in behind my Swordmasters, hit them in the rear (while they were still struggling against the Goblins) they were and my army would break then and there as there would only be my general left who had any fortitude.