View Full Version : Sergeant Ardnutz and his Dakkalads

23-04-2013, 19:58
One night I was up late like most and I had an idea. I was plotting out how to make a Praetorian army without having to sell my kidneys when I started messing around with green stuff to find an alternative. The only models I had laying around on my workspace was a handful of poor old blackreach boyz, and this is what happened. Fueled by even more energy drinks I continued to create far into the night until the first blackreach boy had a handful of friends. All in new dress uniforms and spiffy new pith helmets.

23-04-2013, 20:06
I was thinking of starting by making a 500 point shooty ork army from this, and maybe adding on to them in the future. More Shoota Boyz, Lootas, maybe a big mek with one of those really big guns. I had read some Praetorian fluff about the massacre at Big Toof River in which the Praetorians had Blood Axe scouts. Now what about if those Blood Axe scouts started mimicking the praetorians they were serving. Just might be crazy enough to work. I am planning on adding on to this squad and maybe making new squads in the near future. Love to bounce ideas off of people and am wondering what people think?

23-04-2013, 22:34
Awesomework Ardnutz, that's some mighty fine greenstuff work.

14-05-2013, 02:09
Finally got a hold of a better camera.
Everyones heard of the Kult of Speed, these guys are members of da Kult of Sophistication.