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24-04-2013, 12:59
So what if Bretonnia and Loren basically have sunk into the ocean support-wise?

I'm strongly considering starting myself a wood elf force, but the range is pestered with my old nemesis - the metal miniature.

This sly fellow has been the cause of much woe among my space orks and I'll be damned if I ever buy another piece of metal again.

Alas, this leave me a bit limited

Glade Guards, Dryads and the Dragon as well as glade riders are well taken care of by the range.

Was Considering Mirkwood sentinels as waywatchers and the eagles taken care of by hobbits.

This leaves me sadly stranded in terms of wardancers, warhawk riders and wild riders as well as characters. Sooo... anyone know of good alternative plastic elves? All I can find is metal..

24-04-2013, 13:31
Avatars of War have some Elf models that could fill in for you.

Otherwise, a fair few of the WE characters have been done in Finecast.

I wouldn't worry too much about Wardancers or Wild Riders, they're both awful units so if you don't take them it won't matter. However, you can convert Wild Riders from Glade Riders if you can get hold of some other sprues, for example DE Corsairs or Warriors.

For Warhawk riders you're pretty much stuck though I'm afraid, unless you want to try some fairly wacky conversions with parts of the Dark Eldar range I have no idea.

24-04-2013, 16:46
Useful plastics for conversions:

Dark Eldar wyches: loads of heads, weapons, legs etc.
Space Wolf Fenrisian wolves: useful alternative mounts tip: use with Dark Eldar Hellion legs
Dark Eldar Mandrakes: the one advantage of FC is that you can chop it up easily so should be handy for all sorts
High Elf Shadow Warriors: the new plastic kit should provide plenty of bits.

You'll want Treekin so make your own with modelling wire and Milliput. Check this (http://www.asrai.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=23029) thread at the bottom for some cool ideas.

Personally I'd say run an Avelorn, basically forest, themed force till a new WE book is released. Paint everything green and brown so when the new WE rolls in you'll have a 2-for-1 army. ;)

24-04-2013, 17:37

I use these for warhawk riders. Pretty nice minnies imo. Also use the great eagles from there.
As far as support go's. If WE get a new book, and dont head into the Chaos Dwarves direction, it will be 2015 at the most. as the scheduled releases for 2013 and 14 are fairly certain.

24-04-2013, 18:29
Nearly forgot the Dark Elf plastic sorceress; swap the staff top with something more appropriate and the job's a good'un for your Spellweaver.

Note the OP wants NON-METAL not just alternatives! :)

24-04-2013, 18:29
Grr.. DP!

Extra suggestion for Warhawks: you could use the LizardMen Terradons and go all Avatar.

24-04-2013, 20:24
I realise Woodies are rather weak, but I dont care too much, but then so are brets and I got those too...

I'm not expecting Woodies to be released anytime soon...frankly I doubt they or brets ever will, hence is why I ask for alternative plastics

Pretty interesting possibilities so far... Treekin is a bother though..Im not a grfeat converter...but the actual miniatures are awful..

Chicago Slim
28-04-2013, 02:43
Tree Kin are definitely worth having, and there's not a lot of plastic that you could swap in... so, yeah, you may be stuck with scratch-building those (which wouldn't be so bad, really-- I scratch-built a couple of Treemen, back when it was 4th ed, using twigs and bark... Basically free, and not too hard to put together...)

There are Finecast molds of two characters (one fighter, one wizard), as well as a Finecast of the current Treeman sculpt (Finecast isn't exactly plastic, but it's a lot more like plastic than it is like metal!)

That pretty much leaves warhawk riders and eagles... The Lothern Skycutter would be an expensive way of getting plastic birds, but it's an option (maybe you can sell the chariot parts off-- heck, I'd go in on that myself, if the shipping costs make sense, since I have *plenty* of eagles to pull it, already... PM me if you're interested.)