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25-04-2013, 15:32
Ok so I was offered another game of Warhammer today so what was the last battle of my High Elves before the new army book is now not the last battle and this now is.

High Elves -

Prince + Moon Dragon + Armour of Caledor and great weapon

BSB + Radient Gem of Hoeth, great weapon, dragon armour and shield (Life)
Mage + Seerstaff of Saphery and extra level (Beasts)

20 Seaguard + FC and shields
10 Archers + musician
10 Archers + musician

20 Swordmasters + FC and War Banner (champion has Potion of Strength)
Lion Chariot


Ogres -

Tyrant + great weapon

BSB + great weapon

10 Ironguts + FC
10 Ironguts + FC
10 Bulls + Ironfists
10 Bulls + Ironfists

Senario - Pitched battle

Pregame thoughts - Was a bit doubtful when I got a look at my opponants army. He told me he was trying something a bit different and I have to admit I was relived not to see a Slaughtermaster, a massive block of Ironguts, a block of Mornfang and a couple of Ironblasters. My main plan was to let him set up his units while doing the usual cheap drops (Archers and Eagles) then concentrate my more expencive units at one side of the field. I'd use these to beat up half of his army while the other half played with the Eagles. My list has been tweaked slightly since the last game and has gone back to pretty much how I originaly envisioned the army.

Setup - I won the roll and forced him to deploy first (he only had 5 drops so was always going to get the +1 to go first)

.................................................. .................................................. .......
......Bulls 1......Ironguts 1............Bulls 2...................Ironguts 2..................
.................................................. ......................................Hill........ ......
............Wood.................................. .....Wood.......................................
..Hill....Eagle..............Seaguard.....Eagle... .........Swordmasters................
...Eagle.........Archers...............Archers.... Chariot....................Dragon......
.................................................. .................................................. ......

I was really happy with the set up. Both the Tyrant and BSB went into Ironguts 1 meaning that Ironguts 2 was outside of the rerollable leadership 10 bubble so I put my strongest units on the right. The Mage joined the Seaguard and the BSB joined the Swordmasters as usual. To recap the plan. Eagles slow down Bulls 1 and Ironguts 1. Swordmasters and Dragon take on Ironguts 2. My shooting attempts to weaken Bulls 2to the point where I can get my Chariot into them with a reasonable chance of success. We rolled to see who got first turn. The Orge player went first and threw a six so he got the first turn without me even needing to throw.

My opponant didn't have any spellcasters so didn't need to roll for spells. I picked Wildform and Amber Spear for my Mage and took Earth Blood for my BSB


25-04-2013, 16:38
Ogre Turn One -

In possibly the fastest first turn I've ever seen the Ogre units all march forward 12 inches up the table with Bulls 1 wheeling slightly in towards the center. There's no magic, no shooting and no combat.

High Elves Turn One -

No charges are declared. I now spend the rest of my movement phase making sure there's no way any Ogres can charge me next turn. The Swordmasters and Seaguard shuffle back a bit. The Eagles swoop forward, out of the Ogres charge arcs ready to move in to redirect next turn. The Dragon flies up to see the flank of Ironguts 2 and prepares to breath fire over them. Lastly the Chariot turns slightly to the left so it can see Bulls 2 when they move up next turn.

In the magic phase I rolled up a 5 and a 1. I didn't manage to channel and decided to put 4 dice into an Amber Spear aimed at Ironguts 1. I managed to roll high enough to get the spell off but my opponant threw all of his dispel dice into stopping it

Shooting starts with my Dragon breathing fire over the Ironguts. I manage to get eight under the template and amazingly manage to cause four wounds but my opponant then made all four 5+ armour saves. The Archers and the Seaguard fired a volley of missile fire into Bulls 2 causing a couple of wounds.

No combat.

Ogres Turn Two -

Bulls 1, Bulls 2 and Ironguts 1 move up as far as they can (he passes all of his leadership rolls in order to march). He parks Ironguts 2 far enough away from the Swordmasters that I'm going to need to roll an 8 to get in. No magic, no shooting, no combat.

High Elves Turn Two -

Lion Chariot charges Bulls 2 (hold) and gets in. The Swordmasters charge Ironguts 2 (hold) but I roll a 7 and fail charge, stumbling forward 5 inches (and into easy charge range of the Ironguts). The Dragon moves around behind Ironguts 2. Two Eagles swoop in to redirect Bulls 1 and Ironguts 1 while my Seaguard unit moves up slightly to try to manuver out of the rapidly closing vice of enemy units. The Archers hold their ground and prepare to fire a volley into Ironguts 1.

Magic sees me roll a 6 and a 1 and I manage to channel as well giving me 8 dice. I put 4 into an Amber Spear into Ironguts 1 which causes a couple of wounds. I throw the last 4 into an attempt to get Earth Blood onto my Swordmasters but it's dispelled.

Both Archer units fire into Ironguts 1 causing a couple of wounds which is enough to kill an Ogre thanks to the damage already done by Amber Spear.

In combat the Lion Chariot slams into Bulls 2. It manages to kill an Ogre with its impact hits and between them the crew and the Lions kill another couple. The Bulls cause a couple of wounds in return butthey lose combat by a large amount and even a reroll due to the BSb isn't enough. They flee but are caught and run down by the Chariot.

Orges Turn Three -

Bulls 1 charges the Eagle (hold). Ironguts 1 charges the Eagle (hold). Ironguts 2 charges the Swordmasters (hold). All three units make it in (Bulls 1 and Ironguts 1 couldn't fail TBH). The Ogre right flank (my left) in now in chaos with both remaining units pulled out of poition thanks to some nicely angled Eagles.

No Magic, no shooting.

In combat both Eagles get splatted and the two Ogre units reform. Ironguts 2 crash into the Swordmasters, killing five with impact hits. The Swordmasters then just take the unit apart. They managed to do something like 17 wounds, the Ironguts killed a few in return but where left needing snake eyes to hold. They didn't get it but my opponant did roll snake eyes to see how far they ran and they were subsiquently chased down by my Swordmasters.

High Elf Turn Four -

At this point I was confident that I was going to win. Half the Ogre army was dead, the other half was out of position. All I needed to do was extricate my Seaguard which I planned to do by sacrificing my remaining Eagle and the two Archer units. The Swordmasters, Lion Chariot and Seaguard push as far up the table as they can. The last remaining Eagle jumps in front of the Ironguts, redirecting them away from the Seaguard. The Archers just hold position and try to cause a few more casualties. The Dragon flies into the center of the battlefield.I don't plan to charge anything but I'm going to keep my options open.

Magic is pointless. I can't see anything to Amber Spear as, yet again, I've left my Mage in the unit when there was no risk to him not being in there. I don't want to cast the rest of my spells as I don't need to buffs at present.

Shooting sees another couple of wounds caused to the remaining unit of Ironguts.

No Combat

Orge Turn Five -

Bulls charge the Archers (stand and shoot, no wounds caused) but fail to make it in. They move forward a few inches into the wood. At this point I'm over the moon as the unit now has it's flank exposed to the Dragon as well. The Ironguts charge the Eagle (hold) and, again, can't fail to make it in.

No magic, no shooting.

In combat the Eagle dies horribly and the Ironguts overrun into the left flank Archers.

High Elf Turn Five -

I decide to go for the massacre and throw the Dragon into the flank of the Bulls (hold). The Mage leaves the Seaguard who join the Swordmasters and the Lion Chariot up the other end of the table (and now out of range of some very angry Ogres). I move the remaining unit of Archers up the table as well but I'm not that worried about their survival.

In the magic phase I throw all six dice I generate into Wildform on the Prince and his mount. I don't get IF but my opponant fails to dispel it.

In combat things are horribly one sided. The Ironguts smash the Archers into the ground and reform to face the Bulls/Dragon combat. My opponant hopes that if the Bulls unit can hold them up then he'll get the Prince in the flank. The Prince and Dragon put in a sold shift against the Bulls who fail to do anything in return. The Bulls end up needing to hold on a 4. Even with the reroll they can't do it and my Dragon runs them down as they flee, taking him safely out of the Ironguts charge arc.

Orges Turn Six -

The Ironguts charge the Archers. I decide to flee but they don't run far enough and are caught and killed by the Ironguts.

High Elf Turn Six -

I can't charge anything, Can't see anything to shoot. I go for a six dice boosted Amber Spear into the Ironguts. I get it off but I roll a 1 to wound and with that the games ends.


25-04-2013, 17:25
Post battle thoughts -

Well I won. I don't know how much of that was down to the list match up and how much was down to me rolling reasonably well for most of the game. I felt that my origianal plan was really solid and that I played well i.e I didn't make any mistakes. On the other hand I feel that the Ogre list just didn't really work at the end of the day. With no shooting it couldn't shoot off my redirectors or damage my Swordmasters before they got into combat. No magic meant that the Ogres could buff themsleves (or debuff the Swordmasters) before they hit combat. That's not to say that the build is without merit but against my army it was too easy for me to exploit it's weaknesses. My oppoanant did sugest that he might drop a unit of Ironguts for a couple of units of Leadbelchers which would at least mean that he could have a go at clearing away the Eagles. One thing I did find was how much he managed to contain my magic without taking a spell caster. Partialy this was poor rolling on my part (most turns I rolled a high and low on the magic dice which gave him more dispel dice to use against me) but I suppose it's food for thought at the least.

Everything on my side of the table did really well. The only real chance I took was in throwing the Lion Chariot into the unit of Bulls. I knew it was a bit of a gamble as I was relying on a decent amount of impact hits and him not causing too many wounds in return in order to swing the combat as much as I could in order to break him (I needed a fairly big win due to the Tyrant and BSB reroll). I really wasn't that fussed about failing to charge Ironguts 2 with my Swordmasters either. I was fairly confident about the match up but wanted to minimise the damage that the gut charge could do. Fair play to my opponant that he knew I'd have to take the chance and charge him, knowing that I'd be in easy charge range if I failed.

I'm glad that I kept the Dragon mobile. I could have just run it up the table with the rest of my army but I was confident in it's ability to keep out a trouble and that led to the oppertunity to kill the Bulls. I was confident that I had won at that point but the temptation to take off another unit proved too great. I was confident that I'd win the combat but I was worried about not winning it by enough, the Bulls holding and the Ironguts getting into the flank of the Dragon because it would have netted the Ogre player nearly 500 points. As it was the two (reasonably stacked) gambles I made paid off. I have to admit that I'm sorry to see the current itteration of my High Elf list go. I've had ups and downs with it over the years and it's been though many tweaks and overhauls to get to this point.

Looking to the future I'm going to look into a faster and more agressive army build. The Prince on Dragon was the first step. I'll probably be leaving the infantry blocks behind in favour of cavalry and flying stuff but a lot will depend on what the new army book has to offer.


25-04-2013, 17:28
Nice report. Interesting (and somewhat of a relief) that your opponent didn't have any shooting as Leadbelchers and/or Ironblaster(s) make mincemeat of High Elves (as I've found to my cost). With the rumours abound regarding the 6+ ward for Swordmasters it may be a different story (especially if it stacks with Ironcurse Icon and other buffs). Cheers

25-04-2013, 17:54
Yeah I was really relived not to see a pair of Ironblasters and a couple of units of Leadbelchers on the other side of the table. Sometimes I think the only choices that Ogre army book has are Slaughtermasters, Bruiser BSB's, Ironguts, Mornfang, Leadbelchers and Ironblasters. Still it was an experiment. It didn't work but at least people are having a go with other ideas. There was even some crazy talk after the game about experimenting with Gorgers and Yhetees in the future. Absolute madness.

I would have had to play a much more pressing game if my opponant had turned up with more missile weapons, especialy with my Dragon who would have needed to be in combat with the Leadbelchers/Ironblasters on turn two at the latest and would have prevented me from using it's mobility to the best advantage. One thing I'd like to see is Dragon come down in cost in the next army book. Concidering the fact that the Prince + Dragon combo costs nearly a quarter of my points total I have to be so careful with it. One cannon or stone thrower shot can bring it down or cripple it. Infantry can bog it down so you need to be constantly assessing what combats you can push it into. Having said that it's very satisfying when things do got right but I'm dreading the day I have to go up against a cannon heavy Empire army.