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Ghoul King
26-04-2013, 10:26
Vampire Lord @ 514
Level 4
Red Fury
Talisman of Preservation
Ogre Blade
Other Trickster's Shard
Heavy Armor

Wight king @129
Night shroud

Necromancer @ 105
Level 1, lore of vampires
Magic resistence (1)

Cairn wraith @ 60

46 Crypt Ghouls @ 470

23 Zombies @ 79
Musician and sb

23 Zombies @ 79
Musician and sb

40 Grave guards @ 560
Full command
Great weapons
Grave banner

8 Crypt horrors @ 304

2 Fell bats @ 32

2 Fell bats @ 32

1 Spirit host @ 45

1 Spirit host @ 45

1 Spirit host @ 45

Heroes usually in the ghouls, grave guards in horde.

Ghoul King
27-04-2013, 17:09
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29-04-2013, 07:04
I don't really like the list. Lets go over the elements.

Vampire Lord. Tried and true equipment make him very dangerous.

Wight King. He's 129 points that doesn't do much. I would never bother to attack him, as I don't care about his 3 strength 4 attacks at weaponskill 4. He might be good for challenging to protect the unit from characters I guess, but so would 13 more ghoul bodies. If you were to keep him I'd at least make him a BSB.

Necromacner. He has a dispel scroll I guess. Magic resistance 1... on what, ghouls? Nobody is going to target that unit of ghouls when you have a unit of 40 grave guard.

Cairn wraith. What does this guy do? Cause Terror I guess. More valuable then 6 ghouls or 5 grave guard? Probably not. With a red fury vampire lord in the unit you really don't need a few more low weaponskill strength 5 attacks. Where does this guy go?

46 ghouls, a solid horde.

2 units of zombies. I don't feel like the list needs more than 1. You have SO MUCH CHAFF, what would you need them for?

SO MUCH CHAFF spirit hosts and bats. Well you have LOADS of redirectors and stuff to hold up things, but this is redundant when you have so many zombies. You also lack quick elements in the army to take advantage of so many roadblocks because all your fighty stuff is movement 4 or in the case of the crypt horrors a slightly better 6.

8 Crypt horrors are a very solid unit, but you're going to have difficulty supporting them. You have no fast elements that can flank things that they hold up.

Changes I'd make
Your vampire lord is scarily ultimate and a horde of grave guard that big will hit most things in the game on 3's and wound on 2's so it is very threatening as well. Since your main attacking blocks are both slow infantry units, having so much chaff, zombies, and crypt horrors does not suit your list. The wight king and wraith also serve very little purpose adding a few more attacks to your vampire lord who should already be ripping it up.

I would Take out a unit of zombies and replace them with 2 units of dogs for the same amount of points. Take out the crypt horrors, wight king, and wraith. With the 500 points you now have, I would take fast elements to support your 2 main combat infantry units. Vargheists, blood knights, varghulfs are all good for punch. Hexwraiths, mortis engines, and terrorgheists are also good for support.

Your enemy is going to desperately be trying to avoid those 2 super killy infantry units. You need those quick elements to take out war machines and force the enemy to be engaged (or charged in the flank, so you win anyway).

You've also got 200 points in bats and spirit hosts in special. While both of those are good units, that is a lot of chaff and might end up just getting in your way. I'd playtest to make sure you're not fielding too many re-directors.

29-04-2013, 07:58
Cairn Wraith is underrated. Why do you even presume they would go to a unit? Think of them as Spirit Hosts who can actually kill stuff.

The Wight King is not there to provide punch, he is there for the Nightshroud effect and adds a bit of a Killing Blow threat to the Ghoul unit. Some people think Nightshroud is worth it, some will not.

MR1 item on Necromancer is a bit of a waste

2 Zombie units is not needed. Just combine them as a single unit.

I agree on the Chaff number. way too much. Either take a unit of dogs and 2 Spirit hosts, or 2 Bats and 2 Spirit Hosts.

Vargheists would be are a terrible choice for this army. They are Frenzied and the list won`t keep up with them. Engine(For the Crypt Horrors) or Terrorgeist can provide the best support for this list.

Ghoul King
29-04-2013, 10:53
The wight king is for his shroud, because the Vampire Lord has only a 4+ AS. I need MR (1) to have a 3+ WS on the lord against the spells (death lore can be really dangerous)
Two units of zombies are useful for their standards in blood and glory.
I have so many bats and spirits, cause my list is slow and solid and they give me mobility.
I think that this is a very solid list, so i wouldnt put in terrorgeists, me, vargheists or blood knights because they are very easy target, that dont fit with the list.