View Full Version : Suggestions on 500 point small event list

26-04-2013, 18:21
So there's an event I am entering in coming up soon and I was looking for some advice on a 500 point list I wrote up. Not sure about it but it hence why i'm posting!

Necro- Lvl 2, Dance Book
27 Zombies
5 Dire wolves
3 CH's
5 Black Knights w Lances and barding (would champ or standard in this unit be better than barding?)

My thought is that the knights are a pretty good hammer once I get something stuck in on the zombies, if I can get the Horrors and Knights in on flank charges with the zombies holding up his best unit they should pretty much get butchered I think.. Really wanted to run Spirit Host but not sure how to fit it in. Anyways...

Dark Aly
02-05-2013, 20:57
blood and glory will be tough. your necro will be exposed outside of the zombies and vulnerable inside them if you need them to negate steadfast.