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26-04-2013, 20:40
Hey heres a list i came up with and might start using in the future, tell me what you think warseer!

Chaos Sorc lord lvl 3
Chanelling staff


5 Chaos trolls Throgg in here

6 Chaos trolls

5 Warhounds /w vanguard and poison

5 warhounds /w vanguard and poison

8 Chaos ogres / Standard and champ /w great weapons

3 Dragon ogres / great weapons

Just comes under 1500, 1487 if memory serves.

Any advice?



27-04-2013, 02:35
I think if you're going to go Throgg, go big on the trolls. He belongs in a unit of 7 at least, to get maximum frontage and two ranks. If you want small flanker units, then two units of 3-4 trolls each should do well enough on the sides. I wouldn't really suggest the Dragon Ogres over something like Skullcrushers for that monstrous cavalry type unit slot, but I think in this case they could do alright, they will benefit from Throgg's reroll, no?

27-04-2013, 20:20
Yeah they do :), so maybe I could merge the 2 units of trolls into a unit of 11? Its meant to be themed, so no humies! The sorc will be based on a bray shaman to try and keep it fluffy :D

immortal git
28-04-2013, 04:02
Your sorcerer should be on any kind of mount that lets him keep up with the rest. Im a big fan of steeds of slaanesh for them but the cheapest option will do. You lack any kind of staying power. A good opponent will bait and demolish all those small units

Fighting Newfoundlander
28-04-2013, 14:54
I generally like this list, but I feel the sorcerer is a bit of a problem. He's slow and on his own. At the least he should have a shield of fortune, or he'll be dead on the first turn against most armies. He still might, but it's better odds. Myself, I'd consider dropping the DO and picking up 4 more trolls (2 for each unit) and making the sorcer lord a fairly cheap DP with maybe only 1 or 2 wizard levels. Just a thought, but I'd be interested in how it does. May just be different metas. I play with a lot of larger units and a lot warmahines in mine.

Fighting Newfoundlander
28-04-2013, 14:56
I'd also be thinking dispell scoll as well (init based spells will be killer on you for example).

28-04-2013, 15:56
Is vanguard on the hounds generally worth it? I could drop that and free up 20 points to be 33 points left? Could give my sorc a mount or magic item? I don't have a book atm.


Fighting Newfoundlander
28-04-2013, 16:06
Vanguard can definitly be useful. Perhaps 1 with and one without, and drop poison on both. That'd be 20 points as well.
I still wonder a little about the wizard. He still won't get a LOS roll. I think if he's going to be cannon/WM bait, he could do with some more defence and perhaps less points put into him. Lev 2 w/ DS is a lot of free points. (edit: forgot about hero limit. forget that)

28-04-2013, 17:21
A cheap daemon prince with a magic level could replace the sorcerer. Make him nurgle and buff the regens in trolls. Hive him charmed shield, sword of striking and dragon bane gem. Any points left to kit him can go towards scaly skin it chaos armor. Plus he is another huge threat on bored.

20-05-2013, 23:31
Here is a modified list i came up with:

Demon prince - 340
Mark of nurgle lvl 1 wizard
chaos armour, enchanted shield
Chaos familiar, dragonbane gem,
warrior bane.

Throgg- 195

5 Chaos trolls- 175
6 chaos trolls - 210
5 Chaos hounds - 40

8 Chaos ogres /w standard - 338
3 dragon ogres - 204


21-05-2013, 03:32
Swap enchanted shield for charmed shield, so a cannon ball won't kill the DP. Not the biggest fan of ogres in a throgg list. I would keep the dragon ogres but give them great weapons. Can't remember if the dragon ogres are special or rare, but if you want to keep with the theme, I would drop ogres and add a shaggoth and with exta points, add another dragon ogre, another unit of hounds, and if you can, another level on dP. Or add a chimera. They are beastly with regen buffs.