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26-04-2013, 21:01
Does anyone know of any online random callsign generators that they can recommend? I want to use US/Top-gun style callsigns for the pilots of my Battletech Regiments but to be honest I'd really struggle to come up with enough to fill out the full roster. I'd found the Top-gun Call-sign generator, but it seems to repeat quite often plus my own call sign would apparently be "Hairy Beaver", that's not quite as inspiring as I'd hoped...

27-04-2013, 08:05
I don't know of any callsign generators, but, as a fellow nerd, I would suggest that, instead of doing callsigns first, give each mech pilot a real name and personality. Their callsign should be a nickname they've earned. These things aren't just assigned, otherwise, they'd just be 'Red-1' or 'Blue Leader', etc.

And, in my opinion, 'Hairy Beaver' is utterly, hilariously awesome as a callsign.

01-05-2013, 12:31
You could always follow a semi-fire brigade model to your mechs using the phonetic alphabet and your own naming convention. For example

AABBCD would be the mech/pilot designation with the following legend.

AA - Alphabetical, First and last letter of where they are from: home world, factory world, regiment world
BB - Numerical, Designation of actual place: home town, factory, unit
C - Alphabetical, letter representing Mech type of some sort
D - Numerical designation in regiment

So, have the official call sign, and splice a name with it wherever you want. Or come up with background as the above poster states, get a few games in, and let them earn their call signs during battle, it might encourage you to do something more interesting, fun, and narrative.

01-05-2013, 19:20
Thanks for the replies so far, sorry it's taken me a little while to respond. Just to put it into perspective, I've been following the fortunes of my unit off and on since the mid-1990s in real terms when it started off as a reinforced Mech Company. Now, around 9 years later in terms of in universe time, it's grown to the point that there are around 200 mechwarriors, roughly the same number of tank commanders, about 100 Vtol pilots, and 50+ fighter pilots, plus supporting units. The strongest and most significant personalities do have their own backgrounds filled out more thoroughly and nicknames/callsigns as befitting their personalities or appearance, what I was hoping for was a quick and easy way to generate barrack-room nicknames/callsigns for the rank and file pilots and commanders since I just don't have the time or imagination to flesh out the entire roster even that much, especially as more than a few will inevitably die before they accomplish anything note-worthy. I struggle to come up with enough individual names and have been using online random name generators for the last few years as it is.

Ah well, I guess they don't all have to have individual call-signs. Thanks again.

02-05-2013, 21:12
Something like you describe, even to simplify it, will not be easy or fast to do with little effort.