View Full Version : Nurgle Themed WOC (2000)

26-04-2013, 21:46
Hey Guys,

I put this list together hoping to have a fairly competitive army ready for all comers, casual games as well as possible tournies.

Sorcerer Lord:Lv 4, Mk Nurgle, Chaos Fam, Talisman of pres, Fencers blades, Soul eater -395 joins a warrior unit
Exhaulted Hero: Mk Nurgle, BSB, Shield, halberd -154 joins a warrior unit

11 WOC: MK Nurgle, Halberds, FC, Shields -250
11 WOC: MK Nurgle, Halberds, FC, Shields -250

5 Chaos Knights: MK Nurgle, Ensorcelled Weapons, FC -255
6 Chaos Trolls: add HW -228

3 skullcrushers: Ensorcelled Weapons, Skull hunter -244 Cool conversion opps here since I want the army in theme. Planning on using plague toads and making my own warrior riders to represent the SC
Giant: MK Nurgle - 215 Just for fun and I get to convert cool nurgle giant

Total 1991 (I think)

I had 3 questions/concerns
1) Do I need more Warriors? (I just dig the more exotic options..haha) I originally had less trolls and a bigger warrior unit but changed it for the added power of 2 more trolls...
2) I was planning to run the sorcerer with one group of warriors, how are people playing Nurgle sorcerers since they can't fly around on a Disc?
3) Thoughts on losing the 2 warrior units and forming 1 larger one freeing up some points for other things?

Thanks Guys, all thoughts and comments welcome :)