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27-04-2013, 07:41
I have a tournament coming up, and I have a tendency to end up last in them all. Hopefully this list should have a bit of everything...

Characters: 944
Grey seer, scroll. he is the general
Warlord on bonebreaker with charmed shield, halberd and potion of strenght. He should be able to dish out some hurt, and take a cannonball to the face. only one though.
Plague priest on furnace with flail and ironcuse icon.
Bsb with stormbanner and shield.
Engineer with condenser, lvl 1
Engineer with doomrocket.

Core: precisely 600pts, so cannot take anything away.

40 slaves, shield, musician and champion
40 slaves, shield, musician and champion.
36 slaves, musician and champion
21 slaves, musician and champion
40 clanrats, fcg with a warpfire thrower (general and bsb in here)

Special 616
25 plague monks with musician and banner for +1 movement.
5 rat ogres with masterbred and two handlers (warlord in here)
5 gutter runners with poison and slings
5 gutter runners with poison and slings

Rare 240
warplightning cannon

The cunning plan:

setup is roughly like this

doomwheel, 36 slaves, 40 slaves*2 screening clanrats, 21 slaves, Rogres and furnace holding the right flank.

The Rogres and the furnace goes pelting forward, even if they hit the front of the unit they should have 7 ranks before casualties, and will hit the front of even a small unit with at least the masterbred, warlord, furnace and one monks hitting the front rank. Probably all the ratogres with the furnace just touching corner to corner.

My biggest fear is cannons and armour. Hopefully the stormbanner can stop the cannons while I rush forward, and maybe the gutters can help there later.
furnace toughness tests are good against low T high Armour. The potion of strength and doomwheel can help against High T high A.

The slaves will hold off things while the greey seer blasts stuff. I know he is very vulnerable though, don't know how to fit in a wardsave in there. I might drop 5 monks to get him a 5+ wardsave, but is it worth it?

What do you think?

The French Guy
27-04-2013, 09:04
I like some elements of your list.
However, I would twist some things:

I would drop champion off your clanrats and slaves, drop also the shields, and spend those pts on more slaves.
Then I would regroup them in 3 units max, you won't do anything with 21 slaves units.

You don't have enough plague monks, I wouldn't put a furnace in less than 40 monks.
Also, they deserve the plague banner.

A WLcannon while having the stormbanner seems a bit contradictory.

I love the look of a rat ogre unit with a warlord on bonebreaker!
But IMO, they cost too much and lack protection. I would drop pts here to get more monks or a hell pit maybe.

Hope it helps!

27-04-2013, 09:04
- Grey Seer with no save: If he dies, all those slaves will become Leadership 5, blowing up as soon as someone even sneezes at them.

- Furnace unit: 25 Monks is too low. A canny opponent will just pepper\wear down the unit until they can't push the Furnace. Also, your Furnace unit lacks the Plague Banner, and lacks the numbers to maintain Horde formation attacks, which means they will not reach their damage potential.

- 5 Gutter runners, on average, will put out 1-2 poison wounds. That means they cannot realistically kill a warmachine crew in one round of shooting. 7-8 is a much better number

- You take Storm Banner in a list where you have 2 Shooting Units, a Cannon, and the Doomwheel whose lazer is also subject to the effects of the banner. If your opponent has cannons and you pop your Banner to deny him his firepower, you also deny yourself the firepower of 300+ points of your own army.

- Rat Ogres: These are too easily baited, are not durable at all, overcosted(they cost as much as Trolls!), and our army has no way to boost their survival with magic(Ogres)

01-05-2013, 02:18
I have a question as a new player to skaven. How does the doomwheel perform? It seems like a fun unit to deploy on the battlefield but when compared to the hell pit abomination it doesn't seem quite as good. Also what should you be doing with a doomwheel when using in your army?