View Full Version : Trying to get back into Fantasy, But what army to pick..?

27-04-2013, 13:22
When I first started Warhammer I started with Fantasy, Playing with my friends. I got a cheep small second hand wood elf army untill I could afford to build my Skaven army. Then we started playing 40k and everyone in my gaming group quit playing Fantasy but now after a few years we are looking to get back into Fantasy and I want to start up a new army when we start Fantasy again, but I cant deside what one to pick. I'm thinking of Ogre kingdoms (Because they are basically the opposite of my skaven) Or Dark Elves, Cus they are cool. Maybe lizardmen.. So could someone give some info on these three armies, Tell me what ones you like best and why? Maybe tell me a bit of their strengths and weaknesses.