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27-04-2013, 23:52
Hello all,

I've been considering starting a High Elf army since just before Christmas, and what with all the new releases I'm now even more enthused to get started. I'm planning to buy some spearmen at some point next week, but beforehand, I was wondering if anyone has any advice when it comes to re-sculpting/converting them. I have all the materials required (green-stuff, scalpels, basic modelling/sculpting tools) and I'm fairly experienced in converting miniatures, but I was wondering, for those of you that are familiar with the High Elf spearmen, how easy would it be to re-sculpt those hideous hands they have? At the moment, I feel they are just not realistic enough for my liking, and when comparing with the Lothern Sea Guard spearmen, whose hands are perfectly normal, the regular High Elf spearmen just look comical at best.

So would it be possible to re-sculpt the quite frankly stupid hands of those spearmen, or do you feel I'd be better off just leaving them as they are? Also, if anyone has any experience, how do you think I would be able to? Perhaps someone has also had the same idea as me, and is willing to offer how they re-sculpted the hands?

I'd be grateful for any help that can be offered. Many thanks.

28-04-2013, 00:04
Painting the hands as though they have gloves helps out quite a bit. I own quite a few Spearmen and they aren't that terrible with a decent paint job.

That being said I would just use Sea Guard as spearmen, even if you don't use the bows. Just say they ran out of ammo or something.

28-04-2013, 03:57
I also use Sea Guard as Spearmen

28-04-2013, 10:27
So would it be possible to re-sculpt the quite frankly stupid hands of those spearmen, or do you feel I'd be better off just leaving them as they are?

Painting the hands as though they have gloves helps out quite a bit.

Another approach is leaving a large blackline where the hand meets the spear. By just painting the outside of the hand, not the sides, their ham-like size becomes less obvious. Also, try using less highlights, tone them down visually.

Re-sculpting sounds like very much work. Remember the shaft they're holding is oversized too.

28-04-2013, 11:48
Painting the hands as though they have gloves helps out quite a bit. I own quite a few Spearmen and they aren't that terrible with a decent paint job.


In the latest WD (that came out yesterday) there was actually a rather cool unit of spearmen with heads from the White Lions set.

28-04-2013, 12:43
I think you would be a lot better served by converting the sea guard models into spearmen (defacing the shields, removing quivers, etc.) rather than trying to make the HE spearmen look good. They are very old miniatures that have not aged well and look disproportionate compared to more recent releases.

28-04-2013, 15:57

Check the Caledor sample, you can see a spearman with gloves as say before.

28-04-2013, 22:50
Thank you everyone for your responses, they're very much appreciated. Initially, I was quite interested in the idea of using Sea Guard, but that was before I realised that the Ģ10.25 I will be paying only provides me with 5 miniatures, as opposed to the 10 I originally thought I'd receive in one set. At the moment, I don't have the finances to pay almost twice the amount of money for miniatures that I will still have to re-sculpt anyway, albeit less than the spearmen, but in the future I may well consider buying a couple of Sea Guard to have on the frontlines of my army to cover up the ugly miniatures.

I think I will alter the bare hands to gloves in this instance then. I've also come up with a solution for the bulky spear shafts, basically, because I want my High Elves to have a slightly primitive look, I will shave away at the shafts so not only they are thinner, but they also appear more naturally carved, so hopefully this will work out. I've got a spare banner pole from a previous High Elf set, possibly the custom noble set, so I'm going to take a scalpel to that to see if it will suit my current vision for my army.

Thanks for all your comments though, keep them coming as I'm sure I'll find more inspiration from you all!

30-04-2013, 16:32
I am not sure i understand your point about the seaguard being more expensive. If you want to buy directly from GW, then yes, it would be a lot more expensive.

However, you should know that the starter set of the current (8th) edition of WHFB, called "Island of Blood", included those same seaguard miniatures. This means that you are very likely to find those models for less money on ebay, because many people buy the boxset to only get the skaven or the mini-rulebook, or donīt want all the miniatures. You have a good opportunity for getting teh seaguard models at a reasonable price.

Here is a tutorial showing how you can change the seaguard models and is an example of what you could do to end up with much better looking miniatures.

You could also get Manticīs high elves which are a lot cheaper, look decent, and would serve you the same for playing. Unless you play in a GW store, but then, i donīt recommend anyone playing there, almost anywhere else is better.

Finally, and this is my own opinion, i never feel it is worth to buy models who are a decade or more old. It is my honest opinion that your sculpt-work will be a lot better served on recent miniatures, and not trying to make such old miniatures (specially if you donīt like them) look decent. If you think the high elf spearmen look bad, then why pay so much money for miniatures you donīt like? Do you think they are worth the same as recently released minis?, or that GW should have reduced their price because they arenīt same quality as more recent sculpts?

One thing is that GW requests a good sum of money for recent, well sculped miniatures. Another thing is that GW charges the same prices for some goblins that were done more than 10 years ago, which look terrible in comparison to the recent range of GW miniatures. GW prizes itself on producing the best quality miniatures on the world, and that is the reason they claim to charge so much, if you donīt think some of their miniatures warrant such prices, because they are no longer "best in the world", then donīt buy them.

In the end what you pay money for are the miniatures, and if you donīt like them, then maybe they arenīt worth your money and there are other alternatives out there.