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27-04-2013, 23:59
So with an upcoming Throne of Skulls in July and the imminent Eldar relase I decided to swap my faithful old guard for some good old robotic fun (I'll get back to them during summer). Always wanted to do Necrons so decided to do a relatively small but fun force. Instead of going the traditional metal route I plan to use mainly purples and golds with a redish sandstone basing. To start with I'll post the test model I did that decided me to give the Necrons a push for go.








My first real attempt at object source lighting. Overall happy with the results but I need more purples, pinks and golds Dx. I might do the chest emblem differently on the final models and I want to improve the gauss lighting too. I will also need to make a propper light box so my models look that much clearer.

28-04-2013, 00:06
Looks great, you never see pink/purple Necrons. Nice change of pace!

28-04-2013, 00:21
Aha thanks, I've been trying more striking colour schemes that you don't normally see with my armies recently. My main goal with the force is to try and keep an appropriate tone of colours for the army. For example I want the armour to be a deep but rich purple whereas I want the light-emitting parts to go from light purple to pink for that striking affect. Colour theory I think it's called (or something like that where you include the main colour in all the highlights).

Also it is Samekh but I lack the knowledge about changing topic titles...

28-04-2013, 15:06
Looks good to me. Keep it up!

28-04-2013, 17:06
Well here be some more Necron goodness for today, my Despair Cryptek! Parts used where the Fantasy Vampire Count Wraith for the body, Empire Wizard for the staff head, Deathmarks for the head and Praetorians/Lychguard for the arms, staff and spine as well as trimmed down voidblades for the shoulder pads. He's my favourite conversion and model in the army so far but I just need to green stuff some gaps here and there.










Now he just needs a suitable name. For some reason I keep thinking of Vrak. So far I only have one Cryptek left to build which I require extra parts for but the rest should be posted up over the next two weeks. Hopefully I get some of them painted too!

28-04-2013, 17:09
That. Is. Awesome.

Seriously, I've seen this conversion done before but the level of detail here (a spine!) is brilliant! The scheme is also fantastic, that glowing pink/purple reminded me of Mace Windu from Star Wars!

Keep it coming mate


28-04-2013, 17:34
Thanks for all the positive comments!

I did scour the internet for suitable guides to use but in the end I just kinda winged it, the staff was something I just randomly found in the Empire Wizard set when I was playing around with it. I plan to use green stuff to blend the spine into the cloak.

I actually didn't even clock on about the Mace Windu references, may now slightly influence me when I make my Overlord xD

03-05-2013, 18:24
Well today I was able to get all the paints I needed but also took some more pictures of my converted Crypteks. Got two for you all today!





Now for the individual run-downs:


The first Cryptek is my Harbinger of Eternity! Made from the Empire Wizard kit with the Necron Warrior kit used for the body and Praetorians for the arms and staff.


Last but not least is my Harbinger of the Storm! Converted with a Praetorian body and trimmed down void blade as well as a Deathmark head and a tesla carbine used as the voltaic staff.

The basing is nearly all done (yay cork!) and with my new paints I should be able to get some models painted within two weeks.

07-05-2013, 18:01
Just a quick update today:


Models primed and ready for painting! This is kinda half the army, or a third really. Hopefully a fully painted model up sometime next week. Going to try and do fancy purple CC weapons for my Crons, kinda like Grey Knight style. Hopefully I can actually pull it off. The rest of my Lords have been ordered too so waiting for them to arrive any day now and then I can start work on my Overlord.

18-05-2013, 10:52
Wooo I think I finally met my schedule just on time! Quite amazed I actually found time to paint. Anyway here are my new Necron Immortals as promised!






I finally have all my models for the Royal Court so hopefully I'll have some pics of them up soon.

Studio Dave
18-05-2013, 15:05
These are really nice man, I can't wait to see more :D consider me subbed :)

colonel kane trine
18-05-2013, 15:46
Loving the cryptek conversions and unique colourscheme!
great work mate

18-05-2013, 17:31
Thanks guys, hopefully I can get some of the court painted up for next week. Sadly my work is hampered by repairs. While the finecast models have generally been great they have some annoying bubbles I need to fill, with my classic necron lord his entire toe is missing.

Now that I'm happy with the colour scheme and basing it should be easier painting wise. I might paint the Canoptek Spyder this week but I'm trying to get my hands on a 60x100mm round base which has been rather difficult.

Also cork is amazing and I am now in love with it XD

18-05-2013, 17:59
will have to "borrow" that Despair Cryptek the spine IMO could do with a little work to make it blend in with the cloth maybe cut into the back add the spine and then sculpt torn robe's around the spine so it seems the spine has torn its way through the robes. really nice model liking it alot. keep up good work, subscribed :)

18-05-2013, 18:51
Ah yeah about that Despair-tek, I already sculpted the spine into the back (was what I planned to do but forgot to take pics >_<) but your idea sounds much better. Thanks!

02-06-2013, 17:17
While I have been unable to paint this week I have managed to finish building the rest of my Royal Court. Here are some pictures of my Overlord and Harbinger of Destruction Cryptek:





Si ' Moog Sit ' Let
03-06-2013, 12:03
Love the use of old spru as crystals on the base...inspired! some interesting conversions going on, need to see them painted! cheers

03-06-2013, 15:56
Thanks, was inspired by old blogs when I realised I didn't want to spend 20 on a basing kit. I find the crystals easier to make if using thicker sprues, thinner ones are too spindly.

12-06-2013, 17:01
Sadly due to budgeting for the following month (buying a hotel room and travel to Nottingham mainly) I will lack the funds to finish the army on time so I'll be dropping back to my Nids which are pretty much done. I'll still be painting the Necrons but not at such a fast rate I was previously (despite how slow that was >_>). I do plan to have them as my main army for 2014 after I finish up my Eldar because they are my true passion.

So sorry about that, guess I was just too optimistic with time and money. However, if you did enjoy my painting I should have another thread up dedicated to my Tyranids soon. You might have seen one of the models on the GW blog last year, it was rather....doomy.

08-10-2013, 23:34
Well I've been toying around with some projects so just a small update for this thread, sorry for the threadomancy Dx

Hope this makes up for the months of nothing-ness.








09-10-2013, 05:09
Wow amazing conversions! Absolutely loving what you are doing with these guys keep it up!

09-10-2013, 10:19
Cool man, i like the shading on the weapons

Si ' Moog Sit ' Let
09-10-2013, 14:52
Dude do you have any spare barge parts in your bits box? I need the cannons from the annihilation barge that you would not use if you built the command barge for my FW Tomb complex! Lmk


09-10-2013, 16:07
Thanks guys!

Sadly I do not because I have not bought an annihilation barge yet.

Si ' Moog Sit ' Let
11-10-2013, 19:20
No worries bud, it was a long shot but thanks