View Full Version : Chaos Rhinos and smoke launcher's

28-04-2013, 23:49
Do i need to put them on the rhino because to me they seem really tacky and horrible looking :(

28-04-2013, 23:53
Some cold-war era armoured vehicles used to create smoke-screens by leaking oil onto their hot engine covering (iirc). A nifty, if not somewhat flammable, alternative.

In the end I guess it boils down to whether you play against WYSIWYG nazis or not. Maybe you could replace them with something more Chaosy looking? Skulls maybe? >_>

28-04-2013, 23:55
well i currently have on it a havoc launcher and a combi-bolter and my rhino is based of the thousand sons one smoke and mirrors maybe?

29-04-2013, 00:12
ok i found a way to do it i mounted them to the back of the tracks facing at a arc they look fine now :D

Lord Inquisitor
29-04-2013, 00:59
Looks like you've sorted it out but I was going to suggest mounting it on the underside. That was if anyone gripes about them not being WYSIWYG then you can turn it over and say "there!"