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29-04-2013, 03:29
Hello there!

Just looking through the hastings rumour thread again, and was struck by this list.
The good old list that got everyone going a while back. If i'm not mistaken, the new Tau codex has nothing to do with kroothawks, that are in this list. (Altough resin farsight is on the list)
Does this disprove the whole thing as guesswork?
How does this look with upcoming eldar?
Maybe the mystery box will be a new kind of necromunda with sisters, agents and genestealers, and not bloodbowl.


Sisters of Battle (hope, hope, hope!):
Sisters of Battle Canoness with Power Axe RE
Sisters of Battle Seraphim / Patronica Squad PL
Sisters of Battle Battle Sisters PL
Sisters of Battle Exorcist / Catafalque of Sins PL
Sisters of Battle Prioress Lazarea Verata RE
Sisters of Battle Sister Superior Magdalenia RE
Sisters of Battle Repentia Squad RE

Imperial Agents (single Inquisition codex wish coming true?):
Imperial Agents Enforcer with Heavy Stubber RE
Imperial Agents Obsideo Assassin RE
Imperial Agents Deathwatch Kill Team PL
Imperial Agents Deathwatch Librarian RE

Tyranids (well, genestealer cults. Maybe? Hope, hope.):
Cult Hybrid Upgrade Pack PL
Patriarch Dumas, The Veiled Fiend RE - this one I'm assuming is genstealer cult

Harlequin Solitaire RE
The Avatar of Khaine RE
Eldar Wraithguard / Cataphracts PL
Eldar Sky Chariots / Shining Spears PL
Eldar Warpspiders / Everguard PL a14
Eldar Black Warden RE
Phoenix Lord Kyme'doc, The Planetwister RE
Eldar Eldritch Raiders PL
Eldar Webway Gate PL
Eldar Phoenix Lord Nuadhu, The Fireheart / Alean Vyper PL
Eldar Spirit Warrior PL
Eldar Dragon Riders PL
Eldar Fire Dragon Xentarch RE
Eldar Dire Avenger Xentarch RE
Eldar Howling Banshee Xentarch RE
Eldar Striking Scorpion Xentarch RE
The Avatar of the Young King RE
Eldar Lamia Strike Fighter / Moon Siren Bomber PL
Eldar Jetbikes PL
Eldar Warlock with Force Staff RE
Eldar Swooping Hawks RE

Tau (my guess second wave?):
Tau Empire Nautilus Defence Platform PL
Tau Empire Mako PL
Commander Farsight RE
Tau Empire Vespid Stingwings / Vespid Spinewings PL
Kroot Kroothawks RE

Imperial Guard:
Imperial Guard Storm Troopers / Iron Cloak Veterans PL - faints
Imperial Guard Hydra PL- faints again

Ork Warbuggy / Deff Racer PL
Ork Wartrakk Skorcha / Flakk Trakk PL
Ork Deff Koptas PL
Wazzdakka Gutsmek RE
Ork Flying Fortress / Rokk Launcha PL
Ork Gun Fortress / Mega Tellyporta PL
Ork Flash Gitz / Tellyporta Nobz PL
Ork Meganobz / Painboy Cyborks PL
Ork Warphead RE
Ork Klan Fort PL
Ork Boar Squigs RE
Ork Squiggotaur RE
Ork Big Guns / Pulsa Launchas PL
Ork Painboy with Cleava Harness RE
Ork Grot Nurses RE
Gorbuzz ThreeEye RE
Gritlegg Maksmesh RE
Boss-Kommissa Grotzki RE

Space Marines:
Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Defence Wall PL
Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Tower / Pillar of Heroes PL
Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Monastery PL
Space Marine Land Avenger PL
Space Marine Praetor Warmachine PL
Space Marine Bike Squadron / Crusader Bike Squadron PL
Space Marine Skyshatter Cannon RE
Space Marine Terminator First Hand RE
Space Marine Librarian with Jump Pack RE
Space Marine Neophytes PL
Space Marine Techmarine with Artificer Squad PL
Space Marine Sword Brethren / Nightflame Veteran Squad PL
Space Marine Librarian Epistolary RE
Paladin Marshall Sieghelm RE
Space Marine Land Avenger Vulkan / Land Avenger Invictus PL
Space Marine Bionics Upgrade Pack RE
Space Marine Defender Upgrade Pack RE
Iron Father Maalthun RE
Chapter Master Tu’Shan RE
Severus Agemman, Regent of Ultramar RE
Helveticus the Ancient, Bearer of Honour RE
Space Marine Scouts with Astartes Grenade Launchers PL
Space Marine Gale Claw Supremacy Fighter PL
Space Marine Space Marine Tactical Squad PL
Space Marine Land Raider Medusa PL

Chaos Deamons (I don't think these were released with the codex):
Bloodthirster PL
Lord of Change PL
Chaos Daemons Warp Stalkers / Chaos Furies PL
Great Unclean One PL
Keeper of Secrets PL

Chaos Space Marines (I also don't think these were released with the codex, but I could be wrong):
Chaos Bike Squadron PL
Chaos Noise Marines PL
Chaos Thousand Sons PL

Dark Eldars:
Dark Eldar Grotesque Squad RE

29-04-2013, 03:53
Yes. It is absolute rubbish But we've known that for a while now, as the amount of stuff is absolutely ridiculous.

But actual evidence:
Chaos Daemons Warp Stalkers / Chaos Furies PL ...... Nope

Tau Empire Vespid Stingwings / Vespid Spinewings PL....Nope
Kroot Kroothawks RE................................................ Nope
Tau Empire Nautilus Defence Platform PL.....................Nope
Tau Empire Mako PL................................................ .Nope

These things didn't happen, and aren't in their books, so won't happen. Ergo, the list is wrong. It can go die in a fire, and no one needs ever reference it again.

29-04-2013, 04:12
thanks :)
that was easy, had not seen the list for a while, and just needed the hope in my heart to die.

29-04-2013, 06:23
Think this one is better off in 40K GENERAL

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