View Full Version : Bols and Faeit gone?

Striking Distance
29-04-2013, 20:36
So currently just speculation. But BOLs site *not forums* is down and Faeit 212 blog is gone. Is this GW legal at work over the extensive HE leak?

29-04-2013, 20:42
Something to do with google. Got something BOLS posted on my facebook feed but couldn't read it. But it doesn't look like GW legal action squad work, according to the comments on there.

29-04-2013, 20:45
Yeah, apparently there are problems with Blogger.

29-04-2013, 20:54
Lets not jump to conclusions though, even though we know that to be fact. We can still rage at GW over this, I'm sure... :D

Striking Distance
29-04-2013, 21:01
No need to jump anywhere. http://www.chillingeffects.org/dmca512c/notice.cgi?NoticeID=928410 GW always earns the rage.

29-04-2013, 21:11
According to that link it's about the 12th DMCA GW have pinged off this year so far. Losing Faeit is a shame, BoLS... not so much.

29-04-2013, 21:15
We already have a thread discussing this here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?371117-So-Faeit-Natfka-s-Blog-Has-Gone)

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