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Wilhelm das Blutige
30-04-2013, 15:08
Okay, here's my (first ever) Vampire Counts army.

General - Vampire - Level 2 Wizard
Heavy Amour and Shield
Sword of Striking
Fear Incarnate, Dread Knight 191 pts

20 Skeleton Warriors - Spears, Full Command
The Screaming Banner 155 pts

20 Zombies - Full Command
70 pts

10 Crypt Ghouls - includes Crypt Ghast
110 pts

6 Black Knights - Lance and Barding, includes Hell Knight and Standard Bearer
176 pts

2 Fell Bats
32 pts

2 Bat Swarms
70 pts

Black Coach
195 pts

Total: 999 pts

Vampire General with Skeleton Warriors unit.

All tributes readily accepted.

01-05-2013, 00:38
Your vampire is the single most important model in your army; if he dies, you will lose. I wouldn't feel comfortable putting that model out into a fight with only a 4+ armor save. To make matters worse, he must always challenge! I would spend the magic item allowance on defensive gear (enchanted shield, a ward save, etc) and drop Dread Knight.

As far as the actual army goes, I don't think the zombies or ghouls will do very much. Both units are too small to really contribute, and you only really need 250pts in core (just trust me - you don't really want more than the minimum core). I would bump those skeletons up to 30 and pick up a unit of wolves. That makes your general's unit more reliable, gets rid of two liabilities, and frees up 70pts.

You can use those points for just about anything. Maybe more knights? Defensive gear for the vampire? Drop the bats and get some hexwraiths?

Just some thoughts.

Wilhelm das Blutige
01-05-2013, 22:49
I know the Vampire is the key to my army. Only once has he come close to being killed.

At 1,000 points, there is not much to play with for choosing the general. As the army grows, so will the options, along with backup vamps/necros.

At first, having Dread Knight was something I was just trying out, and I kind of stuck with it. I play Vampire Counts the way I see they are mean't to be played...with balls (and a bit of guile). If you want to find out how meaty the army is, feel free to take me on.:skull:

01-05-2013, 23:32
Drop black coach and take a level 3 master necro. With 5 level of magic, you can buff up the units a lot faster.

Wilhelm das Blutige
02-05-2013, 08:37
Thanks for the suggestions for "improvements" to what has already proved to be a formidable army.

This is what I have assembled, painted and used so far. The changes suggested would be additions to the army, not replacements. I won't be dropping the units mentioned. The Black Coach and bats have proved very effective in every battle, without exception.

If anyone would like to highlight any flaws in my army, feel free to come along and put it to the test on the field of battle.

02-05-2013, 11:18
I have never liked dread knight on a vampire, i have seen it end all to horribly before. Fluffy but yeah there are way to many heroes that can smash a thrall in the face.

Other than that you seem happy with the list you have, so run with it.