View Full Version : Are Any of the Wood Elf Special Characters Worth It?

01-05-2013, 04:10
I've been trying to put more time and effort into my Wood Elves army and thus I was glancing through my book and I think I realized; This is one of the first armies I've played where none of the Special Characters are useful (well... except maybe Ogre Kingdoms). I never use Special Characters, but I find it interesting.

In my opinion, Orion is too expensive for what he does, especially since he messes up your Forces (never mind that he costs almost double what a Treeman costs and is much easier to drop, especially vs. high volumes of S4 attacks). The Sisters are fun (especially if you can bounce them back and forth and keep them standing) but they can't really cause much damage and they can be dropped pretty easily (a combat Lord in a unit can do it pretty well, the Lord goes for one, the unit for the other). And Drycha is...just useless.

So I wanted Warseer's opinion, see if there's anything I'm missing about any of them that might make them more useful.

01-05-2013, 08:28
Ariel and Skaw the Falconer; ohh.. wait! :P

Sadly wood elves are pretty screwed and one of the best builds you can do is level 4 life mage and spamming core :/

01-05-2013, 09:57
The twin sisters on their eagle seems like an interesting choice and Drychas ability to give you 2 (!) looks so sweet on paper. Never met/used them though but I think they could work.

01-05-2013, 11:01
The Sisters on the eagle could work, but they're very expensive.

Other than that, unfortunately the short answer is "no".

01-05-2013, 12:04
Short answer: No

Long answer: ****** No.

01-05-2013, 12:09
Special Characters aren't meant to be played in a balanced game. They aren't meant to be balanced themselves.
They are there to be used in huge and awesome battles where winning or losing really isn't the point.

01-05-2013, 15:27
Large battle with wood elves?

Heh, you know wood elves might not be as screwed in those given how many gladeguard you could bring in the super large games (800 GG for 9,600 points, that's a lot of missile fire...)

01-05-2013, 20:30
You have to change playstyle so dramatically with Drycha and Orion, many people do automatically think they're bad. That is because, as another poster said, they are very much a Lv4. core spam army at the moment.

That, on the other hand, is entirely down to the tournament environment.

As a casual, gaming club approach, Drycha is the better of the available options. Dryads are still a valuable part of the Wood Elf army if supported correctly, and the ambush rule she brings offer a unique, and unpredictable strategy to keep any prepared opponent on their toes.

I'm all for Orion and Glade Rider proxies enmasse, though (i.e - use Glade Riders as Wild Riders...cheaper). He DOES hit like a ton of bricks.

02-05-2013, 03:49
Drycha I have issues with in that she locks you out of 2/3rds of your armies. Dryads/Tree Kin/Treemen are all viable, but being locked out of so much of your army makes it harder to win and while the randomness is fun, it can also bite you in the ass if the rolls don't go your way (and Wood Elves aren't really primed to resist things not going their way). And while she's reasonably fighty, she's not fighty enough to justify her points costs.

Orion (ignoring that it would need to be a 2,500 point game to bring him in which is above most torunaments) is big and scary, but he's what is called a Deathstar unit; Incredibly powerful, ridiculously expensive, requires a massive tax on your resources, giant and easy to spot and has a laughably easy weak spot for all that it took to get him on the field. He costs almost double what a Treeman costs, and is much less tough (both have 6 wounds, Orion has T5, 5++, to a Treeman's T6, 3+, 5++) so if you get him into combat with a unit with a lot of S4 attacks, he's probably not going to live. His shooting attack is fun, but he's so geared for combat that he's at best gonna shoot it once before he's stuck in. 2 dispel dice is nice, but really a level 4 wizard with Wand of the Wych Elm will probably do more to defend you against hostile magic.

The twins...well I like the twins. I probably should have gone into all of this in my initial post.

02-05-2013, 07:26
The special characters are awful, especially considering the price. Why are the Sisters able to be used on a Dragon? Why would you ever want them in close combat? Their bow shots are the best they have, S3 template plus a shot that can pin a unit. But then, a S3 template isn't much, it'd be alright if it ignored armour saves or something, but really you're better off just adding 10 Glade Guard. Orion is so expensive it's laughable. If LD rolls weren't so easy to pass these days, I'd say his panic test charge area would be a cool thing to use, especially if you've brought a couple of units of Wild Riders to run down those that flee, but they're probably going to be LD10 reroll-able more than not. And Drycha is a nice idea for a fluff game, but only having Tree Spirits is really limiting, it's certainly not going to win you any tournament games. Even less fun if they're facing the new High Elves with the BotWD.

Yeah, just ignore the special characters.

02-05-2013, 07:57
Large battle with wood elves?

My friend and I have started playing out "The Secret War" with my Wood Elves and his Beastmen. We have played two Storm of Magic battles which were both awesome.
As icing on the cake, I am going to paint up Orion so that in our third battle, we can go all out and eradicate them bloody Beastmen once and for all. I just don't have any Wild Riders, which is a shame from a background point of view, but whatever.

We are completely unbothered by list legality... Which if you ask me is something that way too many people put way too much focus on, and we are just there to have really fun games.
And Wood Elves in Storm of Magic games are REALLY fun.