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Tancred II von Quenelles
01-05-2013, 13:48
If the dragonmage is cheaper and all other accumulated info is correct, I get - so no points csts shwn as they are not set in stone and there can be mistakes

Lords - 639
General - prince on star dragon, armor of destiny, dawnstone, sword of might, ironcurse icon, shield, lion cloak - 639

Heroes - 735
bsb -noble,barded steed, lance, heavy armor, enchanted shield, lance, talisman of preservation - 170

level 2 mage with dispel scroll and ring of fury -165

level 1 dragonmage in armor of caledor - 400but seems it s cheaper 20-30 pts if the source was correct

special - 884
20 swordmasters fcg banner of dragon 340

11 dp, fcg, razor standard, champ with spellshield and starlance 444

5 shadows, champ, reaver bow 100

Core - 754
40 spearmen fcg 390

356 spearmen fcg banner of eternal flame 364

Got 12 pts more then I must - remove 1 svordmaster or get dragonmage 350 basic cosy wrong - hope it s the case

And a question - whats more importantfor a lrd on stardragon f you d have to choose - ironcurse icon or lioncloack?

Tancred II von Quenelles
07-05-2013, 06:37
could someone who owns the new armybook chack if the roster is correctly pointwise calculated and if thhere are wrong points then for whAt units. I ll give a coocie. so hard to wait for the book to grab it...

07-05-2013, 21:43
well even without it I can tell you that 356 spearmen aren't 364 points :)