View Full Version : Size bile trolls/nurgle ogres compared to GW's

01-05-2013, 19:27
I'm building a lovely chaos troll/ogre unit using forgeworlds bile trolls/nurgle ogres. They match eachother nicely and are some of the best models I've seen. So I'm going to let the majority in the first rank decide if it's trolls or ogres.

But my question is this: how do these models compare to the other boxed GW sets of ogres and trolls if I want to expand the unit size? Have some IoB ratogres at home and they are way smaller than FW's chaos ogres. Is this the size of GW's ogres/trolls??

Managed to find an ogre from GW in my bitzbox... And holy cow (insert more adult slang here !). If the plagueogre ate one GW-ogre he would still be hungry. His arm is as tall as the gw-guy is from head to ground. Will try and cut the gw one down the center and across the waist and milliput/greenstuff him up to size. Thank Nurgle it's going to be nurgly :)

01-05-2013, 21:53
The plague trolls are even bigger than ogres, I had serious trouble in fitting them to 40mm square bases and rank up

01-05-2013, 22:16
I did the bases before I got the models and miscounted so the bases are 50x50. Looks really nice though :)

02-05-2013, 06:51
The FW bile trolls are pretty big, I had no problem fitting them in with my other trolls tho. RatOgres are supposed to be smaller, and they are by quite a bit :)

02-05-2013, 07:02
Everything FW is bigger. Take their warrior priest, he's almost a head taller than a GW warrior priest.

02-05-2013, 07:04
Well the new Dwarf Command is pretty much the same scale as normal Dwarfs. But its true FW stuff usually tends to be bigger.