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01-05-2013, 20:50
Hey guys. I have a 4 Game 1 day Tournament coming at 1000 points at the end of June and I want to "Start" a new army for it. I've always been a Dark Elf player but this gives me more opportunity to expand my armies the Two races I am thinking of playing is Warriors of Chaos (Wahhhooo Bandwagon!!) or Ogres (BANDWAGON!!)

Here are the two lists and what I want each unit to do.
= Warriors of Chaos =
Heroes: 215
Chaos Sorcerer 215
Lore of Metal, Level 2, Mark of T, Disc, Dispel Scroll
Im not scared bro. Lore of Metal because I know there are gonna be a bunch of WoC going and Empire does have a potential presence. Metal is great. Mounted on a Disc to go around the table wherever and this may surprise some - but not others, get some flank/rear charges (until it meetss a Cannon of course.) I love smashing in with a Chariot, holding it up for a turn then coming in for a flank/rear charge and cleaning up.

Core: 270
Chaos Chariot (120)
Mark of Khrone
Too awesome not to use. So many attacks, great armor save - most of the time either wins combat on the charge turn or when combined with the disc sorcerer or another chariot can just melt face.

Chaos Chariot (120)
Mark of Khrone
See above.

5 Chaos Warhounds (30)
Chaff/redirect - also allows me to get the charge/combo charge

Special: 280
Gorebeast Chariot (140)
Mark of Nurgle
Great unit. The -1 to hit is HUGE, can hold stuff in place for my other chariots to flank it, sets up lovely combo charges - great.

Gorebeast Chariot (140)
Mark of Nurgle

3 Skullcrushers of Khorne (234)
Ensorcelled Weapons
Skullcrushers. Don't mess about, get them stuck in and grind away.

Total: 999

Firebelly (145)
Lore of Fire, Level 1, Dispel Scroll.

5 Ironguts (265)
Full Command, Leadership Banner
GutStar. Firebelly goes here in the second rank, which is nice. Leadership Banner is because the Firebelly is only Ld7. Crash, bang, don't die.

Special: 420
3 Mornfang Calvary (210)
Heavy Armor, Ironfist
Get stuck in. Grind stuff out or pin it in place while the Star+Other Cav cleans up what I can. Yum.

3 Mornfang Calvary (210)
Heavy Armor, Ironfist

Rare: 170
Iron Blaster (170)
Boom Boom!

Total: 1000

So there we go guys. The tournament is No-Comp. Smash away at each other, get filthy ect.

What do we think?