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02-05-2013, 02:47
So I am building up my models for my first WHFB army and I am wondering how to go about modelling some of them. My questioning centers around whether or not to build musicians, standard bearers, and champions.

I am going to play High Elves and intend to go Core/Special Infantry heavy with a unit of Dragon Princes flanking around. If that information is at all helpful.

My rulebook is still in the mail so I don't fully understand the use of the command group as far as what they actually do, and I'm new to Fantasy so I have a tentative grasp on the tactics involved with the decision about whether or not to take them. My understanding so far is as follows: Musician - helps somehow w/ movement and combat resolution. Standard - probably helps combat resolution, otherwise no idea what this does. Champion - basically a Sergeant (40k), can get wargear and fight challenges.

What kinds of units (intended unit role or unit type) do you generally put your command group elements in?

Why would I want a champion if I wasn't planning on putting a character in the unit that needed duel protection?

When would I want to put a musician or standard in a unit?

When would I want to go whole hog and take full command?

I am interested in hearing about all aspects, nuances, and combos you like as far as using command groups in your army.


Lord Inquisitor
02-05-2013, 02:58
When in doubt, just make full command - you'll want full command most of the time.

To break it down:

Really I think the most important and useful for any unit. It wins ties in combat, it gives you +1 Ld when rallying and most important it allows you to make swift reforms.

Standard Bearer.
Good for most units, especially if Blood and Glory is a possibility. Most combat units might as well have a standard. The only considerations are for cheap, chaff units because you'll be giving away an extra 25 vps to the enemy when they die. The other thing to consider is that the standard bearer dies if you flee, a consideration for very expensive models like mournfang. If you have a unit of two mournfang, probably not a good idea to make one a standard bearer.

The least necessary of the three, many units can do without a champion. Good for holding lone characters at bay for one combat round by challenging and they're a must for any unit that has (or might have) one of your characters in it. If you get challenged by someone you don't want your character to fight you can feed the enemy character a champ and get on with whacking bozos.

So I'd give musicians to all units even chaff, standard bearers to any unit that isn't chaff and full command to any mainline or bunker unit.

02-05-2013, 10:40
I think Lord Inquisitor summed it up well.

- Musicians give a lot of useful effects - especially if your unit can flee (not undead or daemons).

- Standard Bearers are good for combat resolution, Blood and Glory and (if applicable) magic banners.

- Champions are good for delaying enemy characters for a turn. I'd definitely have one in any unit I planned to put characters in.

For chaff/tarpit units though, the above are less necessary. Champions probably aren't worth it unless their ability to challenge is a core part of the unit's function. Standard bearers may be useful, but they give up VPs, so it's dicey.