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03-05-2013, 00:34
Hey all,

I have been absent from the fantasy scene for about a year now as i was working on a lot of 40k and moving house.

My friend and I have decided we would set ourselves a little goal to get the ball rolling. we are giving ourselves one month to paint a 1000 point army and then play each other. I have gone Warriors of Chaos and he will be using the new High Elves. I will be starting a painting blog on the painting thread soon if anyone is interested.

However, for the moment i wished to share my possible list with you guys and get some feedback. I have read this entire thread and have found some helpful things. I know the High Elf book isn't out yet, but any advice is appreciated.

here is my list:

Sorcerer lvl 2
scroll, mark of nurgle

15 warriors
mark of Nurgle, great weapons

15 warriors
Mark of Khorne, additional hand weapons

3 Skullcrushers
ensorcelled weapons

That comes to roughly 1000 points with a few points for command upgrades where needed. Plan is pretty simple, with an anvil and two hammers. Was going to take Festus instead of the lvl 2 sorcerer to make the nurgle unit even harder. However, i think i will need that dispel scroll. Any feedback at all would be great.

Thanks in advance


03-05-2013, 09:31
I would use Festus over a level 2 with the mark of Nurgle, every time. I don't think a scroll is necessary because he just can't afford a level 4.

Who's your anvil? If the nurgle guys are supposed to be that, shields help a lot.

You have a lot of frenzied things in this list. Without a BSB (and there's no way you can afford one) I would be hesitant to run so much Khorne. At the very least, get the +1 leadership banner in the unit with Sorcerer/Festus so you can be testing on 9 instead of 8.

03-05-2013, 14:07
Just wondering, but do you have any other models to choose from? I so, I would drop the khorne warriors, and add a few warriors to the nurgle one, swap gw for shields, and take festus. This unit will devastate almost any unit at this point level. I would also take leadership banner. With extra points from warriors, I would add two units of dogs, and then something to add some real pop. Maybe a chariot, a big monster like a chimera, a unit of knights, or small units of khornate forsaken. Also, do your units have command, because they should have Atleast a banner and in the warriors, they should have full command

04-05-2013, 18:39
Thanks for the feedback guys, going to take all the advice on-board, and see what i can come up with


04-05-2013, 21:07
Ok, here is my new list after taking the advise on-board:


18 Warriors of Chaos
Mark of Nurgle, halberds, sheilds, full command, standard of discipline

5 Chaos Hounds

Gorebeast Chariot
Mark of Nurgle

3 Skullcrushers
Lances, standard bearer

Warriors are getting halberds to get that Str 5 and shields to help protect from arrows. Went for lances on skullcrushers as im guessing he will take the Banner of World Dragon so dont want a 2+ save against ensorcelled weapons. Gorebeast chariot is there as i really want to try it and also will help as flank charger or tie up a unit if needed.

As always, all feedback is really appreciated