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03-05-2013, 17:30
way back in the mists of time, back when it was just Tau, a young Yeri walked into his FLGS and was drawn to the shiny new army called "Tau". that was where 40k started for me, and now with the new codex I've finally decided to come back to my first army. and Yeri being Yeri I just can't leave my army stock. even back then I had built my fire warriors with two shoulder pads instead of one, so I've decided to channel that first foray into the hobby in this new army, plus some more modifications. my plans are to build a 2k point army of the new Tau inspired by that first army and the things that influenced me back then. so let's get started with some fire warriors:
like I said these guys have two shoulder pads, as well as a "skirt" and a higher collar. my intention with this was to make a kind of "Hazardous Environment Armor" made for extreme environments like tundras and deserts.
I've always felt that fire warrior shas'ui were not distinctive enough, so I gave mine those cool conical hats. also you will note that he has a markerlight attached to his pulse rifle made from a pulse carbine.
I'm also a fan of all those badass longcoat characters you see in anime and action films. so i decided to give my Kroot some coats.

I've got a lot more that I've just made today, but the glue and GS is still drying, so it's going to be a little bit before I can get some photos of them. also I'll try to get some fluff together as soon as I can, but it probably won't be today. anyways I'd love to know what you think so far.

Shas'O Mont'yr Kais
03-05-2013, 22:05
It's wonerful, I've fund myself in a similar situation to you, restarting after the new codex. Can't to see some paint on them. :)

04-05-2013, 13:39
aw shucks thanks man :)
alright time for some updates:
this is my commander Ethereal Skilled Brightsword. He's a bit unusual in that he pilots a battlesuit, but he figures a few inches of iridium armor is better protection than some flowing robes.
me personally I'm a big fan of edged weapons, knives especially. you need to train and have heart to use a knife effectively, it's a weapon that needs skill.
so I translated my love of knives into a knife nut ethereal: Ethereal Hotblooded Sun. she probably has more knives on her, but they're concealed in her robes.
and this will be a Remora Drone, once I get some wings on it. it's made from the burst drone in the pathfinder kit, half a canopy from a fighter kit, four plasma rifles, and some plastic rods (I used some orc spears, but any rods will do).

I've also got some Pathfinders to show you, but that will need to be in another post due to image limit.

07-05-2013, 12:18
Well I kind of let this project fall by the wayside, and for that I'm sorry. long story short I'm back home after finals and my parents have induced draconian regulations that every time I get new minis I need to throw some old ones away. so seeing as I've already bought a lot of this army I've decided to come back to this. also I came home to find my car dead, so it may be a few days before I can get some more GS so stick with me, I'll get back to work as soon as I can.

07-05-2013, 12:30
my parents have induced draconian regulations that every time I get new minis I need to throw some old ones away.

Surely that counts as child abuse?

07-05-2013, 12:46
well I can understand why they would do this, it was really bad last year, but I've already liquidated about half my collection (mostly stuff I was never going to assemble and some stuff I had FUBARed) the problem is that we don't exactly see eye to eye on what constitutes equivalent exchange: to them a mini is a mini, a chimera counts the same to them as a guardsman. I think it's just a communications issue, and it will be resolved.

07-05-2013, 13:02
oh by the way I was going to show you the pathfinders:
this is the pathfinder shas'ui, once again I've given him the conical hat, that's going to be the signature for the squad leaders I think.

and this is a basic pathfinder, once again I've given them the high collar and the skirts, but not the shoulder pads. this will differentiate between the pathfinder armor and the fire warrior armor.

and this is the pathfinder with a rail rifle. same as the one before in the modifications.

Next up I'm thinking I'm going to try and make some counts as SM allies. I've got a glut of fire warrior parts, more than I need in fact, so I'll get to work on them.

08-05-2013, 12:20
Ok comparatively massive updates compared to what I've been showing you:
that's right I'm scratch building a Tiger Shark, perhaps multiple Tiger Sharks. I'm also working on what may be a Manta, but that's barely beyond the skeletal phase of construction. I'll keep you updated as the dry-dock keeps working.
and this is a counts as tactical marine. basically he's an up armored genetically enhanced fire warrior a-la the halo Spartans. he's armed with a short barreled pulse rifle that's basically made exactly like it sounds.
and this is the counts as tactical flamer guy, just a basic cut and glue job, but I think it works quite nicely.
now for the tactical heavy weapon: the multi-melta. I realized quickly that the fusion blaster was a bit too heavy for a fire warrior (even a super fire warrior) to carry, so I mounted it on his shoulder kind of like that old Mutant Chronicles character Big Bob Watts.
I've got a few more things to show you soon including a hammerhead I found as I was digging through my old stuff, some counts as terminators, and this army's stealth suit variants. stay tuned;)

09-05-2013, 19:48
I was on a roll today, got a heck of a lot done. one thing I'm not quite ready to show is that I'm slowly working my way through converting two more units of fire warriors, but here's what I'm ready to show:
I said I'd be working on some counts as terminators, well here they are.

and I'm making progress on skinning the tiger shark.

and this is a counts as Guardsman for my allied IG. they are an auxilia race called the Necrophage that are distantly related to the nids. I'll expand on who they are as soon as I can get around to writing some fluff for this army.

09-05-2013, 19:51
And now for something completely different:
battlesuits! I've got a full unit of my "poor man's anti-air broadsides" here, as well as half a unit of "dakkasuits" that I'm working on right now. I've also made:
THIS! a hazard suit made from a broadside.

that's all for now, but I may be able to get something done tonight.