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04-05-2013, 12:46
I have a friendly/casual tourney coming up June. I have played Orcs and Goblins and I don't do too bad, but I am still a noob. I have recently put together a 2500 daemons of chaos army. There are no composition rules, but I can't do crazy broken things.

This is just an idea. I am open to any suggestions.

My strategy with this is to have strong flanks and a weaker center. I want to get my ambusher flesh hounds to kill warmachines and annoy range troops. Bloodletters in the center with Soul Grinder and a Cannon on one side, and Blood Crushers and the other cannon on the other side. The Soul Grinder would be used for flanking with the cannon moving up but behind the soul grinder. I would use the same tactic with the Blood Crushers, with the cannon moving up the flanks. I am hoping this will give my enemies cannons plenty to worry about and would give my BLs time to move forward and engage. Anyways, I am pretty knew and I expect my strategy to be fairly flawed. So, I am up for any suggestions. I also have 30-40 points to play with.

General (210)
Herald of Khorne
Greater Locus of Fury
Greater Gift

Herald of Khorne (200)
Greater Locus of Fury
Banner of Swiftness

Placing each Herald in a unit of BLs

27 Bloodletters Full Command (408)
4 ranks 7 columns

20 Bloodletters Full Command (310)
4 ranks 7 columns

5 Flesh Hounds (165)

5 Flesh Hounds (165)

6 Blood Crushers Full Command (420)

Soul Grinder (315)
Baleful Torrent
Daemonbone Claw

2 Skull Cannons of Khorne (270)

Total 2463

04-05-2013, 13:27
I have been considering adding some plaguebearers to give myself some tougher units. I am concerned that my BLs don't have the staying power.

Fancy Salami
04-05-2013, 14:23
I would definitely use Plaguebearers to have a unit that can take some punishment. I would make my general a Herald of Nurgle on Palanquin with the regen locus. Then he gets 4 wounds and is not as eaily killed. He misses out on the Look Out Sir roll, but hey - you have plenty of targets with the cannons anyway :)

I have chosen to go for 31 Plaguebearers instead of the Bloodletter unit. Here is my list of approximately 2400 points, which I find pretty solid.

Lords (570):
Lord of Change, General, lvl 4 Metal, Lesser gift, Exalted gift

Heroes (270):
Herald of Nurgle, Palanquin, Greater gift, Greater Locus

Core (602):
31 Plaguebearers, Full command, Banner of Swiftness

11 Bloodletters

Special (605):
4 Bloodcrushers

5 Flesh hounds, ambush

Beast of Nurgle

Beast of Nurgle

Rare (355):
4 Plague Drones

Skull Cannon

The list is work in progress. I regularly play with the ETC comp, so I am only allowed 1 Skull Cannon. It also has a cap of 450 points in one unit or 40 models. Fitting another cannon for you should be no trouble in this list, especially since you have a 2500 target.

For the Herald I would close to always go for greater gift and choose Obsidian Blade. The No Armour Save ability is useful for demons

A lot of people think Beasts of Nurgle is good. A unit of 4-6 instead of crushers is a matter of taste really. They have more staying power, but deal less damage. If you are allowed to bring Epidemus, I would go for Beasts, if you are not allowed to use special characters, I personally prefer Crushers.

Single beast of Nurgle is truly some of the best chaff I have used. It functions as cannon screen for greater demon as well as having enough resilience to hold off units. It can challenge, and then it won't lose easily.

The reasons for including a Greater demon are these:
1) It is quite difficult to play without a mage, and with the heavy magic entering the table these days a lvl 4 is quite important
2) I have tried all 4. Bloodthirster is very good, but since he has no magic, he is out of my lists
3) I think a Lord of Change with Wand of Whimsy can be quite good. If you roll a 2 on the exalted gift, he can be quite tough in close combat, even though he is there mainly for spells.
4) Lore of metal solves an issue with the demon army: High armour. Meeting Brettonnia or Warriors of Chaos is a nightmare with the new demons. Also, the new High Elf book seems to have a banner that gives a 2+ ward against magic damage. You need a spell like Final Transmutation, since the unit will have a 2+ ward against all the other attacks you deal out.
5) Lore of Slaanesh is very good too because of the random movement ability. You should try the Keeper if you want. He is quickly behind enemy lines when meeting offensive lists, and can disrupt with his magic. Combined with ambushing flesh hounds he/she is useful.

I always max the points for greater demons. You can always choose greater gift and hope for a 2+ armour save, but I prefer screening the demon with monstrous cavalry or hiding him in the first rounds. The artifact giving +3 attacks, strength, etc you can choose as exalted gift goes quite well together with an always strike first sword (it says in the rules that it gives the wielder ASF, so carrying it but not using it gives you the ability). Using this combination is solid in close combat if you choose your targets well.

I have also toyed with a "mono" Khorne list for 2400 as well. Here it is:

Lords (500):
Bloodthirster, General, Exalted gift, lesser gift

Heroes (535):
Herald of Khorne, BSB, Exalted locus, greater gift, Blood Throne

Herald of Tzeentch, lvl 2, metal

Core (606):
30 Bloodletters, Full Command

12 Pink Horrors

Special (620):
4 Bloodcrushers

5 Furies, Mark of Khorne

Beast of Nurgle

5 Flesh Hounds, Ambush

Rare (135):
Skull Cannon

The Blood Throne is a point sink, and probably easily dealt with, but it seems fun to play with.

The Furies need the mark to use Inspiring Presence, Ld 2 is horrible

It may need some more chaff to feed units you do not want to meet head on (ie the new High Elf), but I think this list is fun to play with.

04-05-2013, 14:36
Thank you for the quick and well thought out reply. I have been considering throwing in nurgle and tzeentch in there, however; how does the new magic rules work for you? I have been a concerned with getting blasted in the magic phase if I don't do a mono list.

Fancy Salami
04-05-2013, 14:44
No problem :)

If you roll 2-4 it is of course possibly disastrous no matter the list you bring. If you roll 10-12 it is fun. But generally only 2 an 12 makes a difference.

Rolls of 5,6,8 or 9 is actually worse for you opponent, since you roll for every unengaged unit he has. This has been FAQ'd in the latest FAQ from GW. You get more sixes rolling for all of his units than you get rolling for your own.

The Slaanesh ability is actually the worst effect, so going mono Khorne is the most dangerous. Rolling a 3d6 Ld test for your Bloodthirster is not much fun...

I have played 15 or so games with the new book, and the Reign of Chaos table can be summed up to being this: Lots of dice, time consuming, and no effects. I wouldn't worry too much. Also, you roll for unengaged units. When playing demons: For how long are you planning to be unengaged?

Fancy Salami
04-05-2013, 14:59
PS - you roll for Wind of Magic, even if you don't have a caster. So that is not an option anyway :)

You get the dice to dispel remain in play, etc.

05-05-2013, 10:08
My GUO has proformed pretty good in the games and has only died once because of a miscast.

The Blood Throne is not worth it point wise but a skull cannon is and kill alot too.

I am also a big of nurglings too.

05-05-2013, 14:03
Thank you Selecta.

I plan on fielding two skull cannons, so I am hoping they take a out a few things before they are targeted.

Other Questions... are six blood crushers worth it. Or should I break them into two units of three. I have seen lists with only three, but I feel with that number people would take them out too quickly.

What are some issues that I have with my list as is...I don't really have the cash at the moment to get 30 plaguebearers.

Thank you for any and all your comments.