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05-05-2013, 12:56
So basically I have not played fantasy for a few years and to get an army for it I looked at the following would like some guidance:

dark elf army with lots of dark riders black guard war hydras and cold one riders

lizardmen army with saurus blocks temple guard slaan and salsalamanders

high elf army(flavor of the month) based around Phoenix's(guard and rare) sliver helms sea guard and chariots

06-05-2013, 04:34
With Lizardmen you will find that a party slann (one who brings everything, tons of gear) stuck in a Temple guard block is a strong, strong start. I usually see the slann and temple guard backed by a slann in a sauras block at higher point games, but even without the second slann that first set up is annoying to deal with. I do love their models and options (different characters, scar vet on a carnisaur is an awesome looking model and force on the field) Also cannot go wrong with the little skink fellas (jerks with the poisoned blow guns) they usually can take some pretty big fish out, so always have a unit or two of them. I see lizardmen all the time and I find they can bring new tricks and styles to the table. The Funky jungle monsters are awesome (Dinos that toss spines, pterodacyls and the stegadon) also painting an Aztec style army would be so fun. The huge bonus for the Lizards is their stalwart leadership. Rolling 3 dice on tests and discarding the highest, they are almost impossible to make run away or even be slightly scared. As for elves, you are on your own my friend, no help here.

Dante blackfur
06-05-2013, 14:21
I would honestly suggest LM it's rumered to be on the horizon for a new book, the play style is very diverse from huge blocks of smashing face to an entire army of skirmishing poison shooting skinks, models are beautiful (except cold ones) like it was said the Slann can cover all your lord/hero needs from general, lvl 4 and bsb.

I don't know much about DE, other then hydras are great and repeater crossbows are evil.

I personally wouldn't do high elves one cause I like down and dirty armies, but also if your just starting an army I hate flavor of the month bandwagon. There is Likely to be a LOT of HE armies floating around a d they're all going to be very similar.

Anywho, that's my 2 cents, hope it helped.