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05-05-2013, 20:25
Bit of a place holder for now...

Some of you may have read this thread (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?365804-Dreamforge-Leviathan-WIP), or seen this chappie...


Well now he has some friends (quick and dirty job for this platoon - 4 colors, 2 washes, and then a quick dry brush before I did the eyes).



Better pictures tomorrow if the weather improves :)

05-05-2013, 20:25
Place holder - going to use this for navigation as I plan to do several different leviathans/regiments

05-05-2013, 21:01
Great urban digital camo on the Leviathan.

I'm really looking forward to getting more work done on my Eisenkern, as I've only finished one, duo far. But unfortunately, circumstances have pushed them down the priority list.


05-05-2013, 21:30
That digi-cam is great. Was it cut out masking tape?

05-05-2013, 21:47
Really nice mate. nice looking Eisenkern, still need to get mine out and build some, as with the leviathan. but holding out for the other weapon options.

so you got to work yet on the 2nd leviathan?

22-05-2013, 22:18

CHEWBACACABRA - I used some of Critical Mass Games fantastic mask FX

DAEMONFORGE - Not just yet bud, I'm currently chewing over waiting for my other weapons and doing a siege version or just biting the bullet and doing a second urban camo version.

So, minor update from me.

I had planned to spend today bulk painting my first platoon, but for some reason I just seemed to get nothing done painting wise. I did however get my Veterans squad built up.


I've added as many pouches and grenades as I could reasonably squeeze on, and I think they do a decent job or representing veterans. I went for SMGs as I figured I could always use them as shotguns in games of 40k, and having a dedicated close quarters squad suits my tastes anyways.

I do still need to build my platoon command up but I'm feeling a bit uninspired with it for some reason. I have ideas for the comms officer and some for the leader, but for the standard bearer and medic nothing comms to mind - I could maybe make the standard bearer some kind of mascot/pet (anyone got suggestions for good large dogs, or should I make a Cyber-weasel (http://otherworldminiatures.co.uk/shop/wilderness-encounters/we16-giant-weasels-3/)?) Bah. Specialist is likely to be another sniper - I just can't imagine infantry in the Iron Core universe having anything order then sniper rifles or LMGs in squads. After all, do you really want to be hanging around when theres leviathans stomping around?

Beyond that I have my Engineers built but I'll not be painting them until there transport arrives, and I'm also fiddling around with some green stuff. I'd quite like to do some Rangers - I have this image of them ambushing a Leviathan a bit like Luke in the Empire Strikes Back. On the other hand I'd quite like to do some drop troopers - again, the idea of them dropping onto the top, planting demo charges before speeding away again is immensely appealing.

Anyway thats all for now :)

23-05-2013, 21:37
How did they ever get to be veterans with that terrible habit of forgetting their helmets? :-)


25-05-2013, 12:34
looking good, im to waiting on new weapons to be released befor i start mine.

im liking the drop trooper idea. would they be jump packs or jet packs or you have a different idea in mind?

29-05-2013, 09:27
I love the dreamforge stuff ,very nice

16-06-2013, 21:45
PRECIENCT OMEGA - Better field of view, better perception of surroundings... it could even be the fact that they may be plain uncomfortable and unsuited to a unit thats moving up the field quicker then the others. At any rate, they look cool. Rule cool always wins.

DAEMON-FORGE - You might be waiting a few months then; seems wargames factory are having production problems.
For the drop troopers I was thinking some kind of jump pack, four directional nozzles but then I saw the trailer for Titanfall (http://youtu.be/goe6IB1DLZU)and it has exactly the kind of jumping ability I was after - they can do drops but its mainly for bunny hops and getting into position rapidly. They use relatively small jump jets so we'll see.

DOOSDARKSEID - Thanks bud.

Anyway, long time no speak. Had a nasty bit of illness recently that I'm happily over and after a week off, I got the bulk of my infantry finished :D
Its a very basic color scheme, but its effective and I'm happy with them for a first platoon. They don't look bad close up and whilst theres a lack of fancy techniques I think the minimalist approach has paid off well. Why cover up good sculpting work I say :D I still have the Vets to paint up, and then the command squad which isn't even built yet. I can't decide whether to go a bit fancy on the vets or not but.. meh, thats a worry for another day :)
Bases will be done shortly - I'm just waiting on some textured paint to arrive :)

So in the mean time I've been indulging in my newest favorite activity - buying more Eisenkern :D I have another box of infantry and another heavy weapons set on the way. I think once I hit three sets of heavy weapons I'll look at what I'm going to do with them as a whole. The box of infantry is going to be split. I have enough shotguns for another squad of Engineers but I'm also going to be adding a Auxillary section after re-reading the deaths head novels for the umpteenth time.

In the mean time, I've been fiddling around creating my own transfers. The big eagle is to cover the canopy of the Leviathan whilst the small animals are to go on the helmet (just the one mind, I couldnt decide which animal and which side :D)


Theres a lot of duplicates, but I figured with the models being so small I'd rather have duplicates in case something went wrong. Luckily I haven't wasted any so far and I should be able to kit out the full platoon with enough left over for the next few squads.

Today was also rather special in that I started work on weathering the leviathan...


17-06-2013, 20:12
damn lol.

what you using the weather this beast? and a nice haul of troopers.

19-06-2013, 22:28
DAEMONFORGE - I usual use sansodor mixed with windsor and newton burnt umber to weather tanks... so I made a massive batch so that it'd be consistant for the whole thing and just weathered the whole thing as I would normally. Its a little more rushed then I would normally do, but to be honest there was no way I'd have the time and patience to do it in the same way.
I am however, feeling a bit like cack at the moment. Even with a window open and a fan, theres far too many fumes from this thing.




And I still have the feet to do, and a layer of black, and then all the pigments can go on... then I need to sort the pistons out, add some smoke. I think I put myself in a bit of a corner with this thing - doing such bright metals has forced me to do all this oil wash stuff, so the next ones going to be a lot darker.

Speaking of which, I washed the next one today :D

Caiphas Cain
19-06-2013, 22:38
Cool cool cool, but I think some darker metals are in order for him too.

20-06-2013, 08:10
Holy smokes! That Leviathan is looking good, very impressive camouflage on it. I don't know what I'd use it for but I really want some of that masking tape! ;)

I agree with Cain, you should definitely darken the metal to give it more depth.

20-06-2013, 21:04
Good, really good

imm0rtal reaper
21-06-2013, 22:12
Looking fantastic so far!

23-06-2013, 23:16
Caiphas Cain - Completely agreed. Before I started weathering I played around with adding some darker patches hoping it'd show through but now I cant really see where I painted darker. I've added a black wash now though (see below). As I said in my last post though, the next one is going to have really dark metals (I'm using an airbrush black metal as a base).

Azendral - The masking tape is phenominal. I cannot recommend it enough for getting really funky patterns on miniatures. I wouldn't mind picking up more and doing one off vehicle projects but as I've always been a fan of infantry its unlikely to happen any time soon. Expect to see at least two tanks in the digital camo sometime soon though...
Having thought about it, I do have a Tau army that needs painting... we'll see.

Gonfrask and imm0rtal reaper - Thanks guys!

So, progress has been made!


Thats the majority of the black wash done but I'm not happy with some places and I had to work on the feet seperately as I had no other way of painting it otherwise. I still have the pistons, dirt, smoke and of course the base to do yet, so this will be the last you guys seem of him until he's done - any suggestions, please make them now :D

I've also started the infantry basing.


Not the most amazing basing scheme in the world but its quick and I absolutely hate basing. I'm going to add a drybrush or two just to give the bases more depth, and possibly snow effects. I might also add bits of grass just to reinforce that urban wasteland effect but.. meh, we'll see.

The question now is where do I go from here once the leviathans finished. Well my list so far is:
- Second leviathan
- command section
- 3 heavy weapons sections
- Engineer team
- 20 more infantry... of which 10 might become a second ranger team, and the other ten.. I have no idea.

25-06-2013, 08:56
wow that humoungous walker is looking awesome... masking tape, you say? that is ingenious!

26-06-2013, 22:37
Juicytomatoes - Yup, the model plane guys have been using similar masking kits for years, its just great that someones finally applied it to the miniatures industry.

So I've had a very productive day doing.. absolutely nothing on the leviathan and building up the command squad and a few personalities.

First up, my platoon leader, comms and medix.


I really like the platoon leader - I had originally planned to give him a power fist but I just couldnt make it work. At the same time I didn't think a sword would work either so this is a nice compromise. The comms and medic are okay - I haven't given the medic a weapon of any kind as I figured he'd be dedicated to his Hippocratic oath.

Field-master Otto Matunas

So I wanted a master of ordnance but I didn't like the concept in the Iron Core background - the idea that you'd have someone who's responsible for artillary and orbital bombardments but didn't answer to anyone on the field didn't sit well especially when you have leviathans stomping around. So I wanted someone who was essentially the eyes and ears of field command. He could run alongside various squads, offering tactical suggestions or relaying commands, but could also operate independently in order to better direct leviathans.

Second Lieutenant Indigo Ramirez
Obsidian star third class, Deaths Head Auxiliary

Indigo began his career, like most of the auxiliary core, as a member of the legion Etrange. He was conscripted at the age of fifteen under the unclaimed persons levy as an infantry man, he became a corporal at seventeen. Stubborn to the point of insolence, he has been lashed on three separate occasions for disobeying orders.
This same tenacity however has earned Ramirez an exhaustive list of commendations, from purple hearts through to the prestigious Obsidian Star - automatically promoting him to second Lieutenant rank. Disobeying a direct order from his commander to surrender, Ramirez engaged enemy forces that were set to over run Eisenkern positions in the city of Illesvelle. Three days of guerilla warfare and at times, hand to hand fighting, halted the enemy advance long enough for Leviathan reinforcements to be deployed to the city.
His resourcefulness brought his to the attention of Deaths Head command which identified him as a prime candidate for enrollment in the Auxiliary core. As a second Lieutenant without soldiers to command, Ramirez has been exploiting both rank and regiment to full example and leading his own private war. He has recently aquired a Borani refraction device - highly illegal, this small device refracts light around the user making him difficulty to detect. Using a specialised silenced rifle, he has been able to disrupt enemy supply lines, halt advances, and take out key targets, before slipping back towards friendly lines.

27-06-2013, 08:03
Nice conversions all around! Really liking the medic and the swordfist guy!

Caiphas Cain
27-06-2013, 13:04
Cool use of The Enforcer part. How well do you think the other bits would go with the Eisenkern?

And I think the metals could still be darker. :p

30-06-2013, 22:53
Azendral - Thanks bud!

Caiphas Cain - The part I've used is off the captain so unfortunately I have no idea. I should imagine so as the hand is still a normal sized hand, so I should imagine with a bit of work the regular blades would work but.. I sold all my enforcer bits so I honestly have no idea. If Mantic had a bits service I'd grab a load to make an assault squad with.

I've decided after spending the full weekend on the Leviathan to stick a pin in him for now. I feel I cant see the wood for the trees so taking a month or so off will let me reasses what else I'd like to do to the kit as a whole, and also help me decide what to do with the shield.



I'm really proud of the slow markings on the road. I found the font the UK uses on its roads and then printed onto paper covered in layers of masking tape. It was then a case of slicing it all out and bobs your uncle.. unless of course your a numb nuts and have to do it twice because you did it too small the first time... BAH!


And of course, I can now crack on with number 2 :D

01-07-2013, 09:16
Some fantastic conversions and painting in here Gomez.

05-08-2013, 06:04
Thanks Nedsta

Minor update - real life has taken over a bit, and as such my Leviathan is up for sale. It turns out house moves aren't cheap and letting agents are sharks.

Ideally I want to get him sold by the end of the week so I can use the courier at work and ship him for peanuts to anywhere on the planet :D

If anyones interested please PM me with offers :)

30-10-2013, 00:01
Wave 2 has finally arrived - after several days battling with the incompetent prats known as parcel force.


Slight change to the packaging this time around - the base and the instructions for the mortis are secured to he top layer of card (good idea) whilst the other bits come in this soft sponge. Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of room in the box now for things to jump around, but nothing was damaged. Dunno, I was wowed by the crusader packaging, this isn't wowing me at all.
I'm also really impressed that Mark amended the leviathan main mold. Thats right, he took a kit this big, realised something wasn't quite perfect... and corrected it. Basically the socket on the torso pistons mean that if you twist the torso around too far it pops out. Its no big deal... this now wont happen.


First thing I built was the mauler claw which takes a bit of time just due to the number of bits, being careful etc. It is however, ******** brilliant.

(And yes, it can grip with just two fingers...)

And finally... in case you were wondering what weapon I built second...


Caiphas Cain
30-10-2013, 01:59
Now that's awesome!

30-10-2013, 16:18
Not a big fan of the model but your paint job is nothing short of amazing!! Great job! Keep up.
Really selling it? Such a shame...

30-10-2013, 20:54
Now that's awesome!

This needs to be repeated. Often.

31-10-2013, 16:05
Oh man that looks sweet. I agree with you about the packing on the second titan not beings so great. You are doing a good job of motivating me to build mine now. :D

Lost Egg
19-12-2013, 07:31
Great work on the Leviathan there Gomez, it is awesome.

The troopers look cool too, looking forward to seeing more.

21-12-2013, 03:07
Holy smokes! :yes: :yes:

This gets 5 stars from me.

So this Leviathan and the troopers - which game are they going to be used for?

25-01-2014, 19:10
I'm back :D

CIAPHAS CAIN - Thanks bud!

DANIEL36 - Nope, decided to keep it. Unfortunately no one wanted to give the big fella a home and Mrs Addams said I'd regret it. She was right. And if you think he's good... welll wait till you see what I have planned for the Mortis :D If it works, its going to make this one look childish by comparison.

SHELFUNIT - It has been, even the guy who owns Dreamforge likes it and I can't think of much higher praise then that.

LOST EGG - Thanks bud. I've got a squad on the table right now, then its back on the Leviathans, and then I think hopefully the heavy infantry will be released...

JUICY TOMATOS - Thanks very much bud. I also received a little parcel today I believe I haven't paid you for... Ill pm you shortly.

Right, update from me. Finally got Indigo finished.


He's part of my new push to just get paint on models, and work out where I'm going with it later. This has resulted in a lot more things getting painted. The digital camo effect is all sponge work using my new favorite gadget (a piece of sponge on the end of a tube). No highlighting, but quite a bit of nuln oil in places and some model mates liquids used to add texture. I'm now painting up another ten in a similar scheme so please like it :D

I'm still waiting on various bits and pieces to come together so I can make a proper start on my Mortis, which is frustrating but the weathers not really good for airbrushing to be honest. It has however, given me a bit of breathing room to participate in the dropship horizon 15mm competition. I'm currently planning a nice camoed up 15mm Leviathan stomping on a tank, so I'll do a nice easy step by step for everyone :)

Thats all for now - hopefully another update soon.

Lost Egg
26-01-2014, 06:38
Nice! Lovely posing and a simple but effective colour scheme :)

I might have to check out these plastics at Salute this year.

26-01-2014, 22:00
LOST EGG - Thanks bud. I didn't know you were in the UK :) I'll be at Salute as well this year. I bagged some cracking bargains on dreamforge gear last year, but I don't think anyones going to beat north stars sale where there 40 a pop...

Minor update, hopefully finished tomorrow.


Caiphas Cain
29-01-2014, 06:28
That color scheme is looking great. :yes:

29-01-2014, 17:25
Love the work on the Leviathan (name?) and glad for you that you did not have to sell it after all that work.

The infantry look great too. Great stuff all around. :)

30-01-2014, 01:57
CIAPHAS - Thanks bud. Really wasn't where I intended to go with these but very happy how they turned out.

LEONMALLETT - Leviathan Crusader :) And thanks.

Okay, on with the good stuff. Shotgun chaps are finished for now. Still basing and some tidying up but.. I'm currently chewing over how to do bases consistently so I can paint up more in a similar style.



Also something new is striding across my desk...


Asella 429, Emissary of Enlightenment - Fluff to follow :D

Another truly stunning miniature from statuesque. She'll count as an assassin when on her own, or possibly as grey knights when I have the rest built. I have another 14 on my desk right now ready to get built and whilst she looks dainty she is in fact one of the easiest metal models I've built in the long time - the arm joint is pre-drilled and has a pin, so you can either glue the arm into the socket or drill the hole a bit and the arms fit snugly into place.

Anyway, thats the infantry done.. Leviathan time :D

30-01-2014, 09:12
Nice work on the shotgun squad there. :)

31-01-2014, 21:12
Nice pose for that jumping over wall model. Did you use for that wall tamiya kit? 1:48 scale?

01-02-2014, 00:03
Great thread, those soldiers are fantastic.

01-02-2014, 14:43
Leonmallet - Thanks bud :D Still need basing but having just prepared another mix of it for a fembots squad I've decided I need to think of some other way to base them all.

Nazadsam - Yup thats the one. Nifty little kit. I keep thinking about getting some scale bricks and having a crack at making a scale wall.. I think it'd look much better.

Killshot - Thanks fella :D

So, heres what I've been working on this weekend...


Asella is getting there - needs some touch ups but painting white and black is a pain in the ****.



I just wanted to see if I could get one painted up quickly (under an hour). Turns out, I can, and she looks nice. I've got another three to go in the same scheme which should be done before the weekends out... maybes tonight...

It also turns out that I'm a bit buggered for airbrushing at the moment. I did the the silver fembot today with vallejo chrome and it was a bit of nightmare hanging out the back door trying to spray, which means I either have to wait till I move out or wait till the weather clears. Either way, I doubt I'll be able to paint one before Salute :(

02-02-2014, 11:47
Asella looks awesome so far man. I always think that the result of the painting belies the effort that goes into it. From the experience you underwent, it was torturous. From my point of view, it is eye candy.

17-03-2014, 01:45
Just dropping this in, dont mind me...


Lost Egg
17-03-2014, 08:21
Ooo...lovely red you got there. He's quite a beast! :D