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06-05-2013, 07:17
Think I've caught the bug of these new armies coming out. Just for fun games with friends and local tournaments.

Things I'm not sure of are the silverhems 16 str 5 attacks rerolling to hit for 375 pts good?

Also not to sure on the characters, I think the lore master is good but expensive. Never had a BSB before as I play VC and never needed one.

Archmage: Dispel Scroll; Golden Crown Of Altrazar; Level 4 Wizard. 255
Loremaster Of Hoeth: Book Of Hoeth; Talisman of Preservation. 330

Noble: The Reaver Bow; Great Eagle; heavy armour; shield; lion cloak; Battle Standard. 180

12 Archers 120
12 Archers 120
15 Silver Helms: champion; Standard Bearer; musician; shields. 375

33 White Lions of Chrace: Guardian; Musician; Standard Bearer (Banner Of The World Dragon). 509
Lothern Skycutter 95

Flamespyre Phoenix 225
Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower 70
Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower 70
1 Great Eagle 50

2,399 points

Jack Champion
06-05-2013, 07:39
I think the Loremaster can be great and the archmage is always going to be a great choice, but both in the same army? Either one will chew through the lion's share of the power dice leaving the other a wasted investment. In particular the Loremaster you are paying a lot of points for his ability to know eight spells so leaving an L2's share of the dice from the Archmage or vice versa is probs going to get you into trouble. So I advise on one or the other. The great thing about a Loremaster is with the Book of Hoeth he can comfortably cover your entire magic selection so you may not even need an L2 as support, but one isn't a bad idea.

BSB I feel is almost mandatory for our High Elves, we are so expensive that the extra reliability goes a long way to ensuring we have what we need where we need it. Also maximising the chances of our weaker units like Archers holding after a charge so our elite units can bail us out is really helpful.

On the topic of archers I have found that units of 15 are brilliant, full amount of shots and have some ranks so demolish any impetuous chaff out there. I haven't had a chance to use the Phoenixes yet, but from what I hear they are pretty good, everyone singles out the Frostheart as the better of the two, but I think both have applications. I reckon in a small list like this the Flames ability to hopscotch chaff might be really useful. From what I hear Silver Helms are a great buy, but again never used them like that myself!

06-05-2013, 10:48
You'll get better use out of the Book of Hoeth if you put it on the Level 4, I prefer to then have the Loremaster carrying the Dispel Scroll.

Having the BSB on an eagle makes him far too easy to kill. Keep him on foot, and he'll be able to get to where he needs to be. Also, giving him the Potion of Strength has a nice synergy with the Reaver Bow.

Silver Helms are pretty much the Jack of all trades Master of none, which isn't really what you want in a small elite army. Rather than take a bus of them, which can't really project much threat, I prefer the idea of a couple of small units of 5/6 of them to round out your minimum core which can then be used as chaff or anti-chaff.

06-05-2013, 15:30
I agree that the lore master and lvl 4 are mutually exclusive, both can easily use all their dice in any given magic phase, so ditto on picking just one of them.

It seems like your list is more defensive with the archers, rbt, and flame Phoenix. I don't think silver helms fit into a defensive mold. You would be better served by more archers and 2 units of redirecting reavers.

If you keep your noble on the eagle I'd give him the charmed shield and crown of altrazar to keep him alive