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06-05-2013, 09:23
Ive been away from fantasy for a while, only played my second game this year last night, and wanted to check we did something right. As far as I can tell it was all correct, but I just wanted to be sure (as it was annoying! haha)

I charged a weakened Horde of night goblins about 25 strong into the flank of 7 weakened phoenix guard. This was a multi charge into a white lion chariot on the front that only had 1 wound left.

My goblins took 6 casualties before striking. 2 from phoenix guard, and 4 from the chariot.

They then killed 1 phoenix guard, and knocked the wound off the chariot destroying it.

So after the charge, banner and 2 wounds, I lost the combat by 1. Failed my break test and ran off.

What seemed odd is that I wiped out the chariot completely, but still ran away. I get why because of combat resolution, but felt odd that I killed what I aimed too and still ran off!

I think we did it all correct, but id just like it clarifying im not missing some extra bonus from wiping out a unit in a multi charge!

06-05-2013, 09:35
You did it right, you forgot to mention the flank but you did count it.

Its may look weird it does follow the rules. It would have been different if you killed both units. Then combat would end and no breaktest would be taken.
Right now there are still a bunch of very scary silent Elves with Halberds chopping down goblins left and right.

06-05-2013, 09:39
Thanks :)

I thought we did, just wanted to be sure! Its my fault for running a fully goblin army led by Grom! haha. Lots of running away!