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06-05-2013, 09:44
Well I've read through the new army book a few times now and I'm really pleased with the majority of what I've seen. I've written out a few list with different realms as the focus point (I'm going to have to do a Lothern army at some point with Seaguard, Seahelm, Skycutters and Bolt throwers). The current list I'm mulling over is one that I've been tempted to run ever since it was confirmed that Silver Helms were going to core. I plan to start off with a basic 2000 points and move on from there if I like the way the list works. It currently looks something like this...

Prince + Moon Dragon + Great weapon and Armour of Caledor

Noble + Griffon (swiftsense) + Lance, Dragon armour, Enchanted Shield and Talisman of Preservation
Mage + Barded steed + Extra level and Dispel Scroll

10 Silver Helms + FC and Shields
10 Silver Helms + FC and Shields

5 Dragon Princes + FC

Frostheart Phoenix

The general plan is to combo charge enemy units with a unit of Silver Helms and one or two of my big hitting flies. Even if the list doesn't do that well it should be fun to run rings around slower armies.



06-05-2013, 11:32
I recon this is a pretty good list.

06-05-2013, 12:52
I very much doubt it. It completly flies in the face of all accepted wisdom by not including the Banner of the World Dragon :p

I have been wanting to try out this type of army for quite a while but with the old High Elves I always felt tied down by the pure infantry core of the old book. It'll be interesting to play a more agressive army as I get the feeling that many HE players will end up layering their infantry/cavalry in ward saves (BotWD, Alarielle. Annointed of Asuryan, Shield of Saphery, Fireborn, Dragon Armour, Dragon Princes, Phoenix Guard etc).


06-05-2013, 13:38
I would run silverhelms in units of 15 since they get to fight with an extra rank like most HE units. Makes the most of the extra strenght you get on the charge.

06-05-2013, 13:49
If you want to run around your opponents I suggest grabbing a couple of Flameheart Phoenixii. An Anointed of Asuryan on Flameheart Phoenix with Reaver Bow might not be as powerful in CC as a Dragon Prince but the versatility it gives you makes up for it.

I'd skip FC on the DPs, it's not really worth it in a unit of 5, maybe keep Musician. With the spare points you could increase their size to 6 or Give your Mage the Golden Crown of Atrazar.

06-05-2013, 13:55
The point of the two uints of ten was the fact they almost exactly fill the 25% minimum core spend. I could grow the units to 15 each but I'd have to find another 200 plus points from somewhere in the list.

It's not so much 'run around' as 'set up multiple charges'. I chose the Frostheart because when it hits combat it'll make it that much harder for the enemy unit to hurt other units in combat with it.

The FC rather the extra Dragon Prince is just based on the fact that I have 5 Dragon Princes. It also helps in Blood and Glory as it means my opponant can't just kill the Prince and break my army.

I'm pretty sure I have a few points spare to afford the Crown :).


07-05-2013, 18:23
I've been mulling over another crazy idea for my High Elves. Although I'm keen on doing a cavalry army I want to play different types of HE armies that can be built out of the book. My cunning plan is therefore to use the cavalry army as a basis for a larger army. What I'll do is create several smaller 'bolt on' armies that are build from different themes. Eventualy, therefore, I should have a basic 2000 point list and a few 1000 point armies that can be combined together for bigger games. An example of a bolt on force would probably look like this...

Lothern upgrade force

Seahelm + Reaver Bow - 125
Mage + Extra level - 120

19 Seaguard + FC and Shields - 258
12 Archers - 120

Skycutter + Bolt Thrower - 120
Skycutter + Bolt Thrower - 120

Bolt Thrower - 70
Bolt Thrower - 70

Blessing of the Phoenix King upgrade force

BSB + Barded Steed + Sword of Might, Dragon Helm, Heavy armour and Shield - 146

11 Silver Helms + FC and Shields - 283

21 Phoenix Guard + FC - 345

Flamespyre Phoenix - 225

Hunters of Chrace upgrade force

Noble + Lion cloak, Great weapon, Heavy armour and Talisman of Preservation - 129

10 Archers + musician - 110
10 Archers + musician - 110
10 Archers + musician - 110

20 White Lions + FC - 290

Frostheart Phoenix - 240

I'm sure there are plenty of other theme's out there. A Loremaster, a unit of spearmen and a unit of Swordmasters of Hoeth would work as a Saphery force. Loads of Chariots could make a Tiranoc faction. Handmaiden plus Archers plus Sisters of Avelorn for the Avelorn faction. If each faction are painted differently with a base colour of white (so white and purple for the main force, white and light blue for Lothern, white and red for the Phoenix King, white and green for Chrace) would look awesome (especialy in big games where you'd pull together several facions)