View Full Version : Is this list cheese? Ogres at 2500 pts

06-05-2013, 14:55
I'd like to start playing an ogre shooting list in a friendly setting. I'd still like to to be competitive and able to win through use of good game play rather than an op build. Let me know what you think.

Level 4 slaughter master ( beasts)
-glittering scales, fencers blades, greedyfist

Bruiser bsb
-heavy armour, shield, crown of command, sword of striking

Level 1 butcher (great maw)
- ironist, scroll, biting blade, dragon bane gem

9 iron guts
- full command, standard of discipline

3 bulls
- extra hand weapons, msc

3 bulls
- extra hand weapon, msc

6 lead bleachers
- msc

5 leadbelchers
- msc

3 individual sabre tusks

2 iron blasters

Thunder tusk

06-05-2013, 15:03
Yes this list brings camembert.

06-05-2013, 15:07
I'll tentatively say 'balanced'. The list is certainly strong - you've got a solid block of Ironguts, Leadbelchers are great and you've got the typical cats & Blasters - but you don't seem to have really gone for the outright nastiness of multiple Mournfangs, a Hellheart, a properly tooled-up deathstar etc.

06-05-2013, 17:05
I'd say rather stale but no where near as bad as it could be. Personaly I'm not a big fan of Ogres just because half of the units in their army book never seem to see the light of day. GW may as well have just given the Ogres Slaughter masters, Bruisers, Ironguts, Bulls, Mornfang, Leadbelchers, Sabretusks and Ironblasters then left it at that. So no, it's not cheese but it doesn't seem to be trying anything the least bit radical or interesting either.