View Full Version : Skaven bell and charge question

07-05-2013, 00:03
Ok I had 3 night goblin fanatics sitting in front of a bell being pushed by 10 storm vermin. My very desperate opponent decided he was going to chance it and charge through all three of the fanatics. He rolled a successful charge and hit my first fanatic. After some very good rolling from the 2d6 there were no more storm vermin left. All that was left was the bell and another character on the side. My question is wether or not the bell can continue and finish the charge or if it stops there because there are no more rats to push the bell. We played it so the bell stopped there and could not continue but it would be good to know in the future how to resolve such a situation.

07-05-2013, 02:28
Once there is 5 or less models in the Screaming Bells unit the Bell is immobile. He is reduced to 5 or less as soon as he hits the Fanatic, so that is where he stops moving.

07-05-2013, 08:03
Either you had some really good killing on those stormverming before hand or the skaven player took way too few.
regardless, it becomes unable to move as Iraf said

07-05-2013, 11:50
It was a combo of good killing on the unit and way to few storm vermin. He was a new player and not really familiar with the rules himself. However even if he had had more storm vermin he was going to have to go through two more fanatics. Lol 4 more d6 str 5 armor piercing hits would have killed a lot of storm vermin. I just wasn't sure if momentum would have Gotten the bell in