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07-05-2013, 01:23
hi, my friend is just getting in to 40k and he decided to get dark vengeance, he plans on only using the chaos models what he's going to do with the dark angels i have no clue. either way i was wondering how many points of chaos is their in dark vengeance, using WYSIWYG, i was thinking somewhere along 500 points and have started writing up scenarios for us using that amount, but i dont know for sure.

also, what do you think dark vengeance is lacking, in other words what would be the best thing to buy after dark vengeance i recommended a rhino and a heldrake, obviously being that transports are useful and heldrakes seem to be a good way to jack up his competitiveness early on, but seeing as i dont play any space marine or chaos armies i wouldnt really know the inner workings and am pretty much just guessing at where to go after his initial purchase, i was hoping to get him up to 1000 points before summer brake so we could have large battles once school lets out, but as stated earlier i dont really know where to go, he would like to add daemons later on but i thought baby steps first, get up to a solid 2000 points before adding in allies, but what do you think? should he get some daemons being as they ally well with chaos, or should he stick with building up his chaos then branching out later.

finally i play eldar and imperial guard, im not to worried about being beat as ive got a list i like and I'm comfortable with, and he's a new player just starting out, but i would like to make things fun for him and not just trash him right off the bat, what would you recommended as a fun way to introduce someone to the game, i was planning on using swooping hawks and sentinels, stuff i can still win with but are fun to use and see on the battlefield, im trying to tone my list down (taking out the hordes of plasma wielding BS 4 vets) but i cant help thinking that its going to be a one sided battle the first couple of times, long story short whats the best way to introduce someone to the game.

thanks for any and all help :)

07-05-2013, 01:43
IIRC it is around 500pts. Honestly, it's lacking durable troops, as the Chosen are Elites. The best thing to grab would be a box of Chaos Marines, and probably use the Cultists as one big blob, just using them all as having autoguns or CCW's, just pick before the game.

07-05-2013, 01:47
thanks, does it come with enough bits to build them all with auto guns, or CC weapons? or are we going to have to proxy them?

07-05-2013, 01:50
It's got 9 with autoguns, 9 with CCWs, 1 stubber and 1 flamer. So yeah, running them as a blob will require some proxying. However, it does reinforce the 'rabble' look, which is good.

07-05-2013, 03:18
If he wants the most bang for his buck remind him that all those dark angels can easily be incorporated into a chaos army as renegades or fallen. With the exception of the assault cannon and plasma cannon maybe, everything is WYSIWYG for 10 chaos marines, 5 terminators and 3 chaos bikers. Even if he later discards or replaces them, he'll at least have better knowledge of what style of play to build his army around and you guys can get in some bigger games.

07-05-2013, 21:46
I was thinking something along those lines, good way to see what he wants to, in regards to later purchases. thanks for the help. also are the missions included in dark vengeance open to different armies, i know they were designed with the two box sets in mind but would it be a stretch to add different armies to them?

Ruination Drinker
07-05-2013, 23:23
If he wants to stick with DA he should find someone that wants all the C:SM guys and trade with him. We did a lot of this back in the AOBR box. Almost all of my ork boys are from that boxed set.

08-05-2013, 22:42
yeah we were thinking that but we dont have any dark angels players near us, (he was keeping the chaos) i was thinking of starting a dark angels force to ally with imperial guards but decided it would be to much trouble so i just told him to count them as fallen angels.

09-05-2013, 05:14
It's a good idea. With some creative converting (one box of Chaos Marines has tons of left over bits) you can easily convert the ravenwing and tac squad to chaos. Librarian can count as a recent renegade sorceror too!

09-05-2013, 05:58
I'd say a box of CSM as well not only for troops but makes your chosen & DA units useable:
-the champion sprue from the CSM box gives you a heavy bolter to swap out the plasma cannon in the DV DA tactical squad
-extra arms and shoulder pads to make the chosen into normal marines. Cut the powerfist & lightning claw arms off then you can replace with bolters or BP+CCW

Raptors box gives a better selection of extra arms, very nice helmets, design that blends in well with the DV set and also a jump troop option that's fairly simple to use. Can use the helmets on the DA terminators/tacticals to make them look less loyalist. Can replace the DA terminators' weapons with the warp talon's lightning claws

09-05-2013, 15:08
Well ive done what you want to do .. I sold the DA stuff and bought Noise Marines, more cultists (from eBay) so have two units of 20 cultists, 5 raptors, 5 Warp talons (OK there rubbish but I love the minis) a heldrake and a warpsmith. that's where I am currently.

10-05-2013, 00:41
sweet, love the amount of easy converting involved, theirs nothing to make you feel more attached to your army than something that you've changed and improved upon yourself, also ive got some grenades and extra bits from my guard, a bandolier of grenades and power packs here, a severed guard head there and suddenly that librarian doesn't look to friendly!

also sweet on your collection of minis tyrelli, thats a good start, personally noise marines scare the crude out of me, theyve really blasted me a new one, and you cant really go wrong with heldrakes, definitely a good start!