View Full Version : Reverse Kill-team?

The Wanderer
08-05-2013, 14:49
Not sure if this is the right forum or not (if not, please move it to the appropriate one), but is possible to play a reverse kill-team game, whereby the kill-team represents a force that is stuck inside an area (governor plus staff, etc) that must break out? Or is there already a kill-team mission that covers something like this?

08-05-2013, 15:28
I think GW did a scenario like this in white dwarf (or website i'm not sure) I remember the guy was using vostroyans if anyone else can remember more than me

08-05-2013, 15:41
Sounds like a variant map for a regular kill team game to me :). Go for it!

On a slightly related subject, I have been pondering a way to play Reverse Space Hulk. Basically with a squad of 'bad guys' in a maze-like environment trying to accomplish a goal while being swarmed with endless waves of guardsmen and inquisitorial specialists :).

Ruination Drinker
08-05-2013, 19:47
I'd love to do this with the Mortalis boards. Anyone got a thousand bucks they can spot me?