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08-05-2013, 15:23
Hi all this is my first post on here and I'm hoping to meet lots of new people albeit in a digital sense!

I've been a dedicated 40k player (on and off) for the last 13 years and have thoroughly enjoyed purging alines and spreading corruption throughout the universe.

I have just gone halves on the Island of Blood Fantasy set and want to build an army of crazy rats! Any suggestions on how to go about this from the off would be fantastic as I'm pretty new the the system.

Warp lightning cannons are a must!

Thanks for reading guys and girls, I look forward to rcieving your expertise!

08-05-2013, 16:29
Go halves on another! :)

Get a handful of the toys (WLCs, DoomWheel, Bell/Furnace, HPA etc), more clanrats/slaves than you'd ever want to paint (and plan for fillers) and a unit for two for flavour (Stormvermin, Monks, Jezzails, Gutter Runners etc) and you should be good to go.

One thing to keep in mind is that a number of the units are still either metal (Censer Bearers/Special Characters/Globadiers etc), badly designed (Night Runners and Rat Ogres) or not sculpted (the Warlord mounts). So if you like the idea of modding your own stuff those are good areas to stretch your legs.

The French Guy
08-05-2013, 17:16
Welcome to warseer and to the skaven side!

How many pts are you looking at as a start? 1000pts, 1500, 2000pts?
As said above, you should probably get a second set of IoB. It would give you 2 units of 40 skavens, which is a must have number most of the time. :)

You will also be able to convert one of the chiefs as a Battle Standard Bearer (BSB), have a regular chief, and 2 warlock engineers to carry nasty items (basically rockets/orbs).
Tell us what is your objective pts wise, and what clans/units you prefer (cool or effective no matter).

Hope it helps!

Brother Horatio
08-05-2013, 17:23
Good things come in threes: seriously, get another Island of Blood!

As already posted, Skaven have many awesome options to kick butt with. I think the plague censer bearers/plague monks/plague furnace are all awesome, but thats only having been on the receiving end of many of those contraptions.

08-05-2013, 18:13
Thanks guys, awesome tips, looks like I'm getting another IOB set! I'm looking at probably 1000-1500 just to start and I do love the tech mastery of Skryre...I do have some Iron Warriors that still need to be painted and don't want things to snowball....yet!

10-05-2013, 19:14
If your looking for sykre 3 units of 40 clan rats is a good start.

Flavour with:-

2-3 engineers (upgrade some to level 1 to default to warp lightning (great spell)
Ikit Claw is a nice general for a sykre list.
2 Warp lightning cannons
2 doomwheels

Apart from that, a level 4 is great for skaven, so get a grey seer too, although that wouldn't make ikit the general (lower leadership I think)

Not sure where that leaves you point wise, you could upgrade the seer to ride a bell.

Depends how much you want to avoid other major clans. Moulder have the Rat ogres (which you get in iob) and hellpit (one of your strongest units).
Pestilens links to plague monks and catapults

12-05-2013, 18:55
Well I've got 1200 points of skaven so far. For Skaven slaves and clanrats, go to ebay and get the skaven half (x2) of the island of the blood set, or just get the 20 clanrat sets a couple times. I field 2 units of 40 slaves and one unit of 20 clanrats as a bunker at 1000 points. You can also use the warlord from IOB as a chieftan BSB.

Make sure you get yourself a unit of Gutter runners, no less than 6 for war machine/chaff hunting.

For skyre, warp lightning cannon is an obvious choice, so is a doomwheel (even though I personally don't like them, aesthetically). Weapons teams are also good, and you get two in the IOB, although Poisoned wind mortars are usually more forgiving than warpfire throwers when they misfire (and they will misfire, everything will misfire).

12-05-2013, 18:58
Weapons teams! Forgot those :-)