View Full Version : 1500 Empire for Doubles Tourney

09-05-2013, 00:10
Hello all. This Saturday there's a doubles tournament using the Allies rules from the BRB. My partner is bringing Dwarves, and I am bringing Empire, and we are hoping to complement each other and put in a good showing. The dwarves are bringing the following:

Rune Lord w/ Shield, Rune of Stone, Master Rune of Balance, 2 Runes of Breaking
BSB w/ Rune of Stone
30 Dwarf Warriors with Great Weapons
18 Hammerers
10 Thunderers
2 Cannons
2 Organ Guns

So it was thought that I would be covering more along the lines of fast stuff/magic and contributing to the battle line. So I have the following, and would appreciate suggestions/ideas/complete overhauls:

Level 3 Wizard, Lore of Life
General of the Empire with Full Plate, Barded Warhorse, Shield, sword of Battle
Level 2 Wizard, Lore of Heavens
BSB with Full Plate, Shield, Talisman of Protection
Captain with Pegasus, Full Plate, Shield, Lance, Pistol

30x Swordsmen with Full Command
7x Empire Knights with Great Weapons
5x Pistoliers with Musician
11x Handgunners
A Steam Tank

Any comments and critiques are welcome!

10-05-2013, 12:49
I think that is very solid. Personally, I prefer Halberdiers to Swordsmen and in this situation I think they would be a better hammer to the Dwarfs anvil-like nature. There is also a lack of redirectors in both your forces, so I would try to stick in two detachments of 5 archers to do that job. This army needs to control the movement phase in order to be successful, in my opinion.

This is all just opinion of course mate!